World Series Champion Predictions

Whenever we get to this point in the MLB season, with just under a month to go in the season, tons of predictions start to get thrown around, as people getting increasingly interested in betting on Major League Baseball and want to know where the best places are to put their money. If you want to get the upper hand when it comes to MLB betting, it is a good idea to take a look at the teams that are in contention and to check out the history that they have had over the last few years, which will give some great insight into the chances that they have. World Series betting is truly easier than other sports, due to the fact that you are dealing with ten teams, which is the lowest amount of teams in the playoffs than any other major sport, which is insane when you consider they had just eight teams in the playoffs a few years ago.

There is no doubt this year that the clear cut favorite and the team that you should put your money on, expecting to take it all is the St. Louis Cardinals. They flat out are a winning team and despite the fact that they have the best record in baseball this year, they are absolutely beating teams up and are rolling into the post season. Baseball is a very streaky sport and it is very important to be hot when the season is coming down to the wire and the Cardinals are in the zone right now. On top of that, the Cardinals have an excellent track record in the playoffs over the last six or so years, as they have won championships and have been in the races in the years that they have not lost. They have an incredibly solid foundation and there is little question that they are going to deliver once the playoffs roll around. Each year there are teams that make it into the playoffs that do not even have a chance from the get go, likely due to a lack of experience or a lack of tenacity when it comes to dealing with the added pressure that comes along with executing during the playoffs. The Cardinals not only have proven that they can handle this, but they have managed to come back from extreme odds over the last few years, which have propelled them forward and have brought championships home to the city of St. Louis.

Keep in mind that the Royals are streaking right now as well and also have a very good record over the last few years when it comes to making the playoffs and doing well once they get there. The Dodgers are constantly a team that also gets their names thrown out there and you truly cannot dismiss them from the conversation, but when it comes to betting on the World Series, if you want to win your bet, the best decision you can make hands down is to throw your money on the St. Louis Cardinals to take it all.