Tennis and Golf Betting

tennisTennis is a popular sport that is enjoyed by many tennis fans across the world today and if you happen to enjoy watching tennis matches on television, just imagine what it would be like participating in either standard or online tennis betting. Even though betting has changed over the last few years or so, the concept still pretty much remains the same.

“While some years ago you could only bet on who would win the match and had to place your bet before the match started, you can nowadays bet on who wins the first set, whether or not your player will win 2-0 or 2-1, total games in the match, and you can place many of your bets during the match (tennis live betting).

Before betting on tennis (either regular or online tennis betting),you must come up with a win-win strategy so you don’t end up losing all of your money in the process. Furthermore, if you do want to place a bet, you must remember to do your research ahead of time on key famous tennis players such as Roger Federer or Serena Williams so that you have a greater chance of winning. If you aren’t sure on the odds of that tennis player winning the game, you have the opportunity to check out their rankings beforehand.

The rankings will generally provide a tennis player’s overall skill level and plus the prices listed may or may not appeal to you, depending on what you are willing to spend on him or her in the match.

There is “seeding”, which is probably a term that most tennis fanatics are aware of, but for those who don’t, it is relatively simple to explain. Basically, seeding is used primarily in individual tennis tournaments so that players don’t meet up in the opening rounds (players seeded 1 and 2 will meet in the final if they win previous rounds). However, if players are seeded 1, 2, 3, 4, then they all will be seeded attributed to their rank. Nevertheless, if players 1 and 4 start, then they will be classified or seeded as 1 and 2.

Suppose there was a tennis match going on between Roger Federer (-600) and Tommy Hass (+540) and you decide to place on a bet for Roger Federer (being that he is more well-known of course or that he’s a better tennis player). You would be required to put down $600 in order to win $100. If he won, you would not only get your $100, but you would also get back the %600 as well. On the contrary, if you wanted his rival to claim victory, you would put down $100 to win $540 and would then collect a grand sum of $640.

Betting on tennis is almost like casino gambling so to speak. In both scenarios, not only are you are taking a chance with your money, but at the same time, both games of chance could get addicting if not careful.

Different Ways to Bet on Golf

When it comes to sports betting golf is often times over looked in favor of more well known sports associated with betting such as horse racing, football, and more. Betting on golf can be just as fun and exciting as other forms of sports betting and can really go a long way in helping to spice up the game a bit. Let’s go over some of the types of golf betting, how they work, and what you can expect when trying them out. Remember, as with any type of sports betting you should always play responsibly.

Individual Player Bets

Individual player bets are usually placed by those not actually participating in the golf game itself and can be placed online. Much like horse racing bets, the participants bet on who they think will win a series and lower odds typically earn bigger payouts. This type of betting can also be used to place bets on more specific factors such as score, number of bogeys, number of times in a sand trap, and much more. These kinds of bets can be placed by those playing the game to make it more fun. Overall this is one of the most versatile methods of golf betting and easy to understand for beginners.

Top 5 Finishes

This form of golf betting opens things up a bit by allowing you to bet on who you think will finish in the top 5, rather than in first. This can be applied to other scenarios such as Top 10, Top 20, and much more. This is a great form of golf betting for beginners because it helps place the odds in your favor a bit more, especially if you’re not a golf expert and don’t exactly know who the best players are.

Golf Prop Bets

One of the most exciting forms of golf betting are golf prop bets. These kinds of bets don’t fit into other categories and can feature wild stipulations that really keep things interesting. Different variables can include the over/under for a particular player’s record during a season, whether a particular player will finish the season with a certain ranking, whether a certain player will score an eagle during a tournament. These are just a few examples of the randomness of these kinds of bets but keep in mind that not all of them would be considered individual payer bets.

Golf Futures Bets

This is a very specific form of single player bets in which you bet at the beginning of the season who you think will finish at the top of the league and who you think will win the four big tournaments. With Tiger Woods not dominating as he has in years past, this type of bet has become much more interesting and fun for players. The best strategy here, like with all single player bets, is to do your research on the odds and who’s the most skilled.

Threesome Match Ups

A threesome match up, also known as a 3 Ball Bet, is made when players in a tournament go out in groups of three. In essence you are betting on which of the three you think will do better and play the best round on a specific day. This is one of the easiest golf bets to place.

Head to Head Bets

This is another very simple bet. Like the 3 Ball Bets, this one basically has you betting on which golfer out of two will preform better and have the better finish. While this is pretty much the simplest of all golf bets, it is still one that people turn to golfing odds to learn as much as possible about the competitors before placing their bets so expect the other players to have done their research.