Thanksgiving Day Showdowns: Who will be the Turkey on this Day?

Will the Vikings have a new lion pelt or will the Lions get to have a feast? Will the Cowboys get charged up for the Chargers? Will the Giants scalp the Redskins? I’ll tell you who I think should win these upcoming showdowns and why.

By Lexi Sheets

First, let’s take a look at the first game of our Thanksgiving Day the (8-2) Minnesota Vikings Vs. (6-4) Detroit Lions. The Vikings have really been making some noise this season only losing two games out of ten, with Case Keenum stepping in the Quarterback slot and stepping up his game with his completion percentage being 65.7%, threw for 280 yards against the LA Rams on Sunday and completed 27 of 38 passes thrown in that game.

In light of Keenum’s performance, this season since being made active many Vikings fans are calling for Teddy Bridgewater to return to the field. I could understand why they would want Bridgewater back at the helm.

Regardless of who is manning the ship rather it be Keenum or Bridgewater both quarterbacks have some great weapons to work with weapons like Adam Thielen who just has the ability to get open when you need it most. He has put up close to a thousand yard this season with 916 yards in only 62 receptions keep a close eye on this guy.

Then we have Stefon Diggs who has great speed and can often find open somewhere in the backfield. Stefon Diggs has 5 Touchdowns this season and 532 yards receiving in 35 receptions this guy is the strike fast and get in the end zone target I would look for him to get plenty of action tomorrow.

On the other side of the ball, we have the Detroit Loins who sat at 6-4, which isn’t bad. They have their experienced quarterback Matt Stafford to thank for that, this man always finds a way to bounce back when he and his team is down. Especially when it comes to the 4th quarter comebacks, he just has a way of working the pocket and buying time to find those open receivers downfield.

With weapons like Golden Tate, Eric Ebron, and Ameer Abdullah to work with Matt Stafford should have no problem working the field to dismantle the Viking and take his team to another victory over the Vikings. I say Loins pull off yet another upset against the Vikings winning by 3 final score 17-14.

Moving to the next game of our Thanksgiving Day triple showdown the (4-6) LA Chargers Vs. (5-5) Dallas Cowboys. The Chargers are coming off a big win against the Buffalo Bills winning that game 54-24 so you can expect that they will be coming into this game hyped and ready to play hard to keep that winning train rolling.

With a quarterback like Philip Rivers leading the charge you can expect some big plays as well. This is a 14-year veteran who has 48,347 passing yards and with 331 TD’s and only 163 Int’s in his career.

With guys like Keenan Allen, Antonio Gates, and Melvin Gordon I feel like the Chargers will soar to victory over the Cowboys who are still licking their recent wound with the lost of Ezekiel Elliott for six games. Chargers win this one 34-21

That brings us to our Thanksgiving Night game. The (2-8) NY Giants take on the (4-6) Washington Redskins.

The NY Giants won their game against the KC Chiefs this past Sunday, but that’s not saying much as the Chiefs have been on a downhill slope ever since their loss to the Steelers back in October winning only one out of their last four games. So let’s not give the Giants to much credit for their last victory.

The Giants have some very good players but with Odell Beckham Jr. out for the rest of the season, it’s as if the whole team shut down. They’re just not clicking together as a team. I really don’t feel like this Giants team has what it takes to shut down an on fire Washington Redskins team.

The Redskins have been clicking on all cylinders as of late. I have to believe that they will continue to click going into this game with a chip on their shoulders from losing the last two games despite their effort. They still have a fired up Kirk Cousins who has what it will take to knock the Giants off their pedestal. I have to say Giants will falter and Redskins win this one 21-7.

So there you have it all the Thanksgiving action summed up with the outcomes highlighted. Let’s see how things play out and have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.