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Have the Eagles been Shot Down from Their High-flying Adventure?

Well folks if you read my playoff predictions, you know that I had predicted that the Eagles would be in the playoffs and that the Eagles would make it to Read More

Will New England have Sushi for Dinner Monday Night?

So the Patriots are headed to Miami to take on the Miami Dolphins for Monday Night Football. Who will come out on top in this division rivalry? The Dolphins have Read More

Watch and Bet on Sunday American Football

Key games to watch and bet on Sunday. by Lexi Sheets As Sunday is quickly approaching many Americans are getting ready to get comfortable on their couches and tune into the Read More

The Stage is Set! Will Clemson Fall this Year?

The CFB final four results have been in for a week now. I have been raking my brain with one question. Will Clemson get beat this year? There is some Read More

Will the Texans Takedown the Ravens to Keep Playoff Chase Alive?

Big showdown at M&T Bank Stadium tonight on Monday night football, as the Baltimore Ravens will be hosting the Houston Texans. The Texans will once again have to rely on Read More

Who’s in the Hunt for the Lombardi Trophy?

With a little over half of the regular season behind us, people start shifting their focus to the Super Bowl. Questions like “Who do you think will be in the Read More

Thanksgiving Day Showdowns: Who will be the Turkey on this Day?

Will the Vikings have a new lion pelt or will the Lions get to have a feast? Will the Cowboys get charged up for the Chargers? Will the Giants scalp Read More

Dallas Cowboys and Washington Thursday Night Football Analysis

As we approach Thursday millions of Americans are eagerly waiting for their next dose of football. As the Dallas Cowboys will be hosting the Washington Redskins for Thursday Night Football, Read More

Online Casino and Sports Betting in the USA

Online casinos and poker were huge in the United States of America back in the day, but because it has always been a grey area, many casino operators focused their Read More

Donald Trump has managed to use a loophole to avoid casino taxes

Donald Trump has been fairly open about the fact that he has used tax loopholes to avoid having to pay in to the government, but that’s never been done with Read More