Dallas Cowboys and Washington Thursday Night Football Analysis

As we approach Thursday millions of Americans are eagerly waiting for their next dose of football. As the Dallas Cowboys will be hosting the Washington Redskins for Thursday Night Football, but a lot of people are wondering who will come out on top. Well, I am here to break down the game and give you a good idea of who should rise victorious.

By Lexi Sheets

Let’s turn our focus to the Home team, now I’m sure if you follow the NFL you may already know that Ezekiel Elliott the all-star running back of The Dallas Cowboys is serving a six-game suspension for domestic violence. So with that being said, I must say that the loss of Ezekiel Elliott will hurt the Cowboys going forward.

Will it kill their chances of making the playoffs No but it will most definitely will hurt their chances, as the Dallas Cowboys have relied so heavily on that run game to break down the defenses and open up the field for Dak Prescott to go for the long passes that he has a knack of executing to near perfection. The Run game was the backbone of this Cowboys team and they no longer have it, so I say it’s time to build a new backbone Coach. Let’s rebuild the Cowboys of old when Troy Aikman was Quarterback and go back to the passing game.

You have the weapons for it with guys like Dez Bryant, Cole Beasley, and Jason Witten. Spread the ball around to these guys and utilize their talents and with a future hall of fame quarterback at the helm to deliver the ball to these great receivers.

You might find yourself in the hunt come post season. As I see it now at this point in the season and reflecting back on the Cowboys last two games with the Cowboys only putting up a combined 16 points they will have their work cut out for them with their upcoming opponent the Washington Redskins.

The Redskins have been putting up some great numbers all season and although they sit 3rd in the NFC East with a 4-6 record below the Cowboys 5-5 record both teams are coming off of a 2 game losing streak. The Redskins last two games they put up a combined 61 points which I don’t have to tell you is much better than the 16 points that Dallas put up in their last two games, and with a quarterback like Kirk Cousins who consistently delivers the ball to his wide receiver-Josh Doctson (who has 300 yard receiving and 3 Touchdowns on the year) and Tight End- Vernon Davis (who has 527 receiving yards on the year and a Touchdown).

It’s going to take a defense that is playing at the top of their game to even slow the Redskins down and an even better offense to beat them.

The Redskins also have Robert Kelley who as a Running back is very skilled in the art of evasion and wearing down defenses, then, on the other hand, you have his counterpart Chris Thompson who’s Mack truck running style just breaks the defense down over time.

You can watch for these two to get plenty of touches on the ball as Washington willing be looking to wear down Dallas’s Defense early to mount a scoring horse for the second half. Then we have Josh Norman the cornerback for Washington who has 40 tackles this season and is ramping up to get some INT’s added to his stat sheet.

I would look for him to get at least one against Dak Prescott on Thursday night if not two. So we will have a game between these two teams but I would have to put my money on the Washington Redskins to win this game by 11 point 28-17 only because Dallas’s performance the past two weeks hasn’t shown a team of unity but much rather a Team of one or two.