Watch and Bet on Sunday American Football

Key games to watch and bet on Sunday.

by Lexi Sheets

As Sunday is quickly approaching many Americans are getting ready to get comfortable on their couches and tune into the days biggest games. But many people are asking themselves what game to watch. Well, I’m here to help you narrow it down and even let you know how things might play out. So with that let’s get right too it.

The first game that comes to mind is the Oakland Raiders Vs the KC Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. The reason I’d like to start with this game is that there is a three-way tie in the AFC East between the Chiefs, Chargers, and the Raiders. The Raiders are currently in third in the division but could quickly become first with a win over the Chiefs if the Chargers lose to the Redskins that I will go into more later.

The Chiefs haven’t been doing so well since their loss to the Steelers, Alex Smith just can’t seem to get things going again. Even taking losses to the Giants, Bills, and The Jets three team they should’ve beaten with no problems. But there were problems and a lot of them. The number one problem I see is penalties, KC has had way more penalties called on them in this second half of the season than they the entire first half of the season. Another problem I see is they can’t get Kareem Hut going again and make those explosive plays like he was back at the beginning.

But all is not lost they are going into a home game against a wounded opponent. With Amari Cooper one of the Raiders key wide receivers being questionable to play in Sunday’s game. Yet the Raiders still have Michael Crabtree and Marshawn Lynch.

I think that if the Raiders want it bad enough that could pull out a win, which I believe they do want it bad enough. I think the Raiders pulls off the upset at Arrowhead. Winning 24-21 as the game comes to a close.

Next, I’d like to turn our focus to the Redskins Vs. Chargers in L.A. and the reason for this game being next is, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph the Chargers would need a loss in this game to put the Raiders in first in their division. But do I see that happening No and here way. One: the Chargers are on a roll; Antonio Gates is just getting warmed up, As well as Phillip Rivers. Two: the Redskins are coming off of a big road loss and going into another road game. That sort of thing isn’t easy to shake off, I do believe it’s going to be a challenge for Kirk Cousins to get his passing game going with doubt on his mind.

But this game will be a defensive game as both teams do have very good defenses in this second half of the season. I believe Chargers will win this one for the home crowd. 27-17 will be the final score in L.A

Next game to watch is the NFC showdown between the Vikings and the Panthers. This should make a good game as both teams have very good records for this point of the season. The Vikings sit at 10-2 while the Panthers sit at 8-4, which at this stage is good.

Cam Newton has been taking charge of his team and they have been rallying back in the race for the playoff. While the Vikings defense has been keeping their drive for the playoff alive.

The Panthers will have home field advantage, which leads me to believe that the Panthers will edge this one out over the Vikings 14-10.

And last but most definitely not least we have the Philadelphia Eagles taking on the L.A Rams. The Eagles will be looking to get the bad taste of defeat out of their mouths this week, after losing the Seahawks last week 24-10.

The Rams look spectacular this season and they’re going to be looking to keep that image up going into this week’s game. Todd Gurley and Jared Goff alongside Cooper Kupp have been dominating sitting atop the division with a 9-3. However, the Eagles sit at 10-2, which is what makes me believe this will be a killer game. Feel like the Eagles will get back on track this week and bring home the road win 34-27.

Well, that’s all for this week hope you find this useful and have a good week everybody.