Have the Eagles been Shot Down from Their High-flying Adventure?

Well folks if you read my playoff predictions, you know that I had predicted that the Eagles would be in the playoffs and that the Eagles would make it to the Super Bowl in February. Well after Carson Wentz took an injury in Sunday’s game that is looking less likely, as Carson Wentz has a torn ACL and is done for the season.

Wentz has led the Eagle to an 11-2 record and secured the Eagles a spot in the playoffs, but can the Eagles keep their Super Bowl dreams alive without Wentz? Nick Foles did perform well while filling-in the remainder of Sunday’s game. Foles six out of ten passes for a completion. Yet that is not enough to tell us how Foles would do playing an entire game.

The report came in this morning that Carson would be out for the rest of the season, the Eagles say they will do what they can with what they have. It’s an unfortunate loss but these things happen in football. The Eagles still believe they have a Super Bowl run in them.

I have my doubts that the Eagles can make it to the Super Bowl without Carson Wentz, but at the same time, I have some faith in this team. Their defense is still awesome, and the defense scored the last touchdown of the game on Sunday to put the Eagles ahead but more than just two points.

Giving the Eagles a 43-35 victory over the Rams. The Offense seemed to rally behind Foles for the remainder of that game, making some very nice catches in traffic. I don’t think the Eagles are done yet. But with the NY Giants coming up next in the schedule could make for a nice warm-up game for Foles to really get his feet wet again.

Foles has been in the league since 2012 and has thrown for over 9,000 yards since being drafted. He has scored 56 touchdowns in his five-year career and only thrown 27 interceptions in that time. So Foles isn’t a crappy quarterback like you’d expect with most backups. He is experienced enough to take the Eagles on through the Super Bowl.

But don’t hold me to that cause he very well could be the reason they go out in the first round of the playoff too. We’ll all just have to see how Foles performs the last three games of the season before the playoff.

I am however sad that Wentz’s season was ended so abruptly, and would like to show my sympathy to Carson Wentz, you brought life back into Philly this year with your amazing run. Rather we are fans or not I can say we all look for to your return next season.