We take your privacy and the security of your information very seriously and we work hard to protect any identifying information that you may provide to us. This information includes, but is not limited to, your name, email address and financial information. This information is typically collected during the process of registration on the BettingApp website. Our Privacy Policy determines how your identify information is used.

Our Security Policy is outlined as follows:

Personal information

Your personal information is collected upon registration on BettingApp, when utilizing the BettingApp website for online gambling and when you communicate with BettingApp. We may also obtain your personal information if you allow third parties to share said information. All collection of personal information is only used for the purpose to effectively conduct business at BettingApp.

Security of your Information

BettingApp has taken necessary measures to implement security procedures and guidelines formulated for the purpose of protecting registered users of the BettingApp website from illicit access, uncontrolled dissemination or unlawful use in any way.

Persons and entities that may potentially have access to the personal information you provide during the registration process on the BettingApp website include, but are not limited to, employees of BettingApp, third parties, affiliates and auditors (both internal and external) for the purpose of evaluating the operations of BettingApp. Any person or entity granted access to your personal information operates under the full expectation to adhere to our privacy and security guidelines. Your personal information is to remain confidential and will only be disclosed to any government entity if BettingApp is required to do so by law.

Additional Information

BettingApp retains the right to access, verify and evaluate any personal information you provide to us during the registration process on the BettingApp website. If we are unable to verify any information provided by you during registration, we reserve the right to request additional information. This additional information may be required before you are granted access to the BettingApp website. Additional information is considered personal information as it is defined here and will be used for the purposes outlined herein. Marketing

Occasionally, we share only the first and last names of registered BettingApp website users with our marketing affiliates. If you do not consent to have your personal information used for promotional purposes, you may send us a request to opt-out.

The privacy policies and procedures described here are subject to change. We advised that you periodically check the BettingApp website for updates to the privacy policy. BettingApp may make changes to these policies at any time, with or without prior notice to registered users of the BettingApp website.


Should you have any questions about data security, privacy or procedures, please contact BettingApp via the email contact form.