CricketPlaying cricket and betting on cricket are two different animals. One must know the difference. Watching a cricket match can be a lot of fun. It’s completely different when there is money riding on the game. Part of placing a good online cricket bet is knowing the difference between a good team and a bad one. To that end, here are some helpful suggestions for placing a good online cricket bet.

How To Bet On Cricket

Don’t get into the habit of betting on your favorite teams. Sometimes the underdog is the best way to go. Everything is fine and dandy when the favorite team is winning. What happens when this team starts to go downhill? Keep the options open. Base the bets on performance. Never become too attached to one particular team. Cricket is like anything else, things change base on which way the winds blows.

Do a little homework on the situation. Take a team of interest and put them into a keyword search. Find out how the team has performed in the past. Find out the current odds on them. It’s always surprising how many people don’t do their research. Then they walk away surprised that things didn’t turn out the way they wanted. It might take some time and effort, but it will pay off in the long-run.

A good thing to look at is the trading deadlines. Don’t start bragging about a specific team, unless the odds are working in your favor. This is a common mistake many make in cricket. Many assume the team of their choice will win. They go on hearsay. This is the wrong approach, especially before a big match. Make sure all the ducks are lined up accordingly. If the trading sheets are not working in a person’s favor, figure out a different route.

If a player or team is going through a rough patch, they might not be worth holding onto. Sometimes, however, the gut will signal something different. If the gut is very strong, go with it. Even if it means not abandoning someone, go with that feeling.  Check the teams that are of interest each and every day. All it takes is 15 minutes to go over the details. A person’s day is not so busy, that they can’t take the time to do this. If it’s important enough to make the bet, you’ll carve out the time.

There could be a lot of teams which will make a good bet. Will they bet there for this match online? Will there be an injury which puts a player out of commission? Knowing this a head of time, it will save the better a lot of heartache. Interested in knowing more tips to gain the competitive edge in cricket betting? Go online and look at some of the forums. Read about what other betters have to say. Just get out there. Play it smart and have some fun!

Sports betting is gaining popularity after the online betting options were introduced. Today, cricket is one of those popular sports for bettors. In the past few decades, cricket betting has increased significantly. This is largely because of the increasing cricket club matches and tournaments shown on television worldwide. The best part of cricket betting is that players are allowed to choose from a variety of different wagers to place their bets. Winning chances are high in cricket, because this game is played for hours and betting options are plenty. Here is some information for those interested in learning more about cricket betting online.

Major events

Cricket tournaments are played year-round. However, there are a few major events that draw millions of fans’ attentions every year. Some of the notable major cricket events are the ICC World Cup Championship, the ICC Twenty 20 World Cup, IPL or Indian Premier League, and the Champions’ League, the Ashes and the ICC World Test Championship. While some of these major cricket events take place every year, some are held once in every two to four years.

Types of bets

Match Betting

This is the most popular type of cricket betting available. To participate in match betting, one should choose one the two teams playing the match. Based on statistics of each individual team’s performance in recent ODI matches, cricket fans can place bets. Such match betting is based on the winning of the individual team, their performance in the tournament, and odds. The odds are often determined for a winning favorite when a match is a tie.

Tied Match betting

A number of bookmakers place wagering on test matches to win as per the possibility of the matches ending in a draw. This bet is commonly known as Draw No Bet. If a match is a tie due to bad weather conditions or the match is decided in a few playing over, then the winning is decided based on the wager placed on a side to win or draw. Bookmakers can also place bets on both the sides to improve their winning chances.

Series Winner

Such bet type is based on the results on a three or five game series. The wagering on the series can be placed on the individual matches or on the entire series. Players will have to pick a side to place their bets before the cricket series starts.

Outright Winner

Such betting type is applied only for championships and tournaments. The wager placement is only for the selected team that the player wants to win the tournament. This is one of the difficult betting options in cricket, because finding the right winning team is no easy feat. It is better to shortlist and bet on a few teams before selecting the outright winner for the tournament.

Cricket Betting Tips

Although the betting market for cricket is not vast, the winning opportunity for each player is quite diverse. As cricket betting is easy, one can easily make profit on cricket betting. That doesn’t mean that bettors with limited knowledge about cricket can play and win every time. Learning more about the game surely does help the bettor to find more about statistics and increase his chance of winning in every match.

Studying cricket statistics is highly recommended. This will in turn improve the bettor’s knowledge on each team’s strength and weaknesses. Also, it is very important for the individual to learn more about the format of cricket betting. The game has three formats: test, ODI and T20. While certain players shine in T20 matches, many excel in test cricket and one day. Historical results, stadium statistics and home country records are some of the important factors in cricket too. Other important pointers in cricket that determine the winning are pitch conditions, weather and time of the matches.