Will Video Replays Stop Flopping In Soccer?

Having video replays could be quite helpful in sports and is definitely needed, it would certainly be encouraged and appreciated by the fans. Sometimes fans want and need to see a play from different angles to get the complete picture of what happened. It also comes in very handy when you missed the play because of leaving the room or maybe even talking to someone and missing a play, it would make the game more enjoyable. It is also quite helpful for the referees to be able to go back and look at a play to make a good, legitimate call on what happened. Everyone wants an honest and truthful game, especially if they are betting on football to make some money. It is even more crucial in a game that is fast paced and moves are made extremely quickly like in a game of soccer.

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The game moves so fast and so much goes on that it is difficult to see everything that goes on. No one can possibly see everything all the time, and when you are involved in soccer betting, you want to know what happened in crucial moves that you may have missed and you want to also know the referees can go back and review a play if they are unsure of what happened. Your money and winning is dependent on it and it is beneficial to everyone involved to have video replays. It also keeps the game legitimate and helps to keep people from cheating, because the chances are very good that if you could go back and run the play again that you would clearly see if someone is cheating.

Technology in sports was first used in 2012 in football but was only used in Britain to determine if the ball went over the line to make a goal. Now they are discussing whether to use it more widely in games for other reasons. Referees just can’t possibly be everywhere at all times, and players know that, this not only leaves open the opportunity to cheat but possibly get away with cheating. Replays on video could really cut down on this happening and keep sports more legit.

They will be doing some testing to see how well this works and how beneficial this can be to referees. In Denmark they have tested officials by watching the games on television then sending what they see to the referees via a live feed during the game. As it has been suggested, there really is no down side to using technology to assist in sports, it is simply a win-win for everyone involved. It has already been proven by several players who have faked injuries, have tried to win free kicks and caused penalties in the game that cheating exists because several players have gotten caught, so that proves the need for video replays to put an end to cheating.

Unfortunately, some sports betting really puts pressure on players to win and may cause some of the cheating that goes on in sports. Players already are pressured to cheat to make more money from their team and also continue their careers as long as possible. Hopefully, video replays will help out in this area and make soccer a fairer and more equal game like it was meant to be.