Will Tiger Woods Win a Major in 2016?

Wherever Tiger Woods goes, so to goes television cameras and fans. However, Tiger is a shell of his former self and he hasn’t won a major tournament in years. So, while the question is whether or not Tiger Woods will win a major in 2016, the real question should be whether or not Tiger Woods will win a major ever again. The answer to both of these questions is likely the same: No. Tiger Woods is a shell of his former self and he is not likely to ever win a major ever again.

For anyone who likes betting on golf, they need to avoid betting on whether or not Tiger Woods wins a tournament. They are going to be better off betting on whether or not Tiger Woods makes the cut after the first day or not. Tiger might have been the most dominating player not only in all of golf, but in all of sports in his prime, but no other player in the history of sports has taken such a dramatic drop-off almost instantly as Tiger. Now, golf is just as much mental as it is skill. A golfer who is struggling with his or her mindset is going to struggle with the game. Thinking about the sport is what causes problems, and it is what is causing Tiger major problems.

After his affair and very public situation with his ex-wife and multiple other women, he just never recovered. He then tried to overcompensate for it by firing his caddie and golf instructor and brought in different individuals. All of this started to change his stroke and forced Tiger to concentrate too much on what he was doing. That is really what did him in. He needed to just take time off, disappear for a while and clear his mind, but he didn’t, and by changing almost everything about his game, he ultimately destroyed himself.

Tiger Woods really has not even come close to winning a major tournament in the last several years. He may have made it to the final day in some, but he has such a lack of confidence in himself and his ability to compete, he just isn’t able to do it. If he was smart, he’d start competing in the small tournaments with lesser known players and smaller payouts. He simply needs to win something. For anyone who has ever watched basketball, when a shooter is struggling, it is amazing what a simple, short basket is able to do for them. Maybe they dunk the ball down or they hit a free-throw. From there, it often seems as though they find new confidence and turn around their poor shooting. That is what Tiger needs to do. Get out there with a less skilled field and an easier course and start playing. However, he will not do that because he’s too head strong and “above that”. Until he decides to do something like that, golf betting needs to avoid betting on Tiger.