Will Tiger Woods Return to His old forum After His Career High Performance?

PGA TourAfter a career high of 85 for Tiger Woods this past Saturday at the Memorial, will he be able to bounce back? Although it seems that he was making some progress, Tiger shoots what is known as the very worst round of overall career on Saturday. This all-time high for Tiger was higher than the 82 that was shot during the second round of the Phoenix Open earlier this year in January. After his performance in January, Tiger decided to take a break for two months in an effort to improve his game, but to no avail. Some attribute this worst performance of his career to his health, which may have caused him to struggle earlier this year.

Admittedly, Tiger has struggled and has indicated that its due to a swing change that is currently taking place, which according to Tiger his career high 85 that he shot at the Memorial on Saturday is a part of the swing change process.

Woods, scheduled to play four times within an eight-week period will embrace his increase in activity in hopes for major improvement on the course upon his return after his summer games. Particularly since his inactivity, resulted in Woods finishing last by six, after his highest four-round total ever within the 19 years of his professional career comprised of a total of 302 shots.

Tiger’s increase in activity is expected to result in noticeable improvements.

Those involved in golf betting, particularly online golf betting was surprised to learn that Woods is currently listed at 33 to 1 odds for a win at this week at the U.S. Open at Chamber’s Bay.

Woods, whose odds were 14 to 1 before the Memorial had the third to the lowest odds in the golf betting community. Additionally, there are now a total of 11 other players who have lower odds at the U.S. Open in the online golf betting community.

There is a lot of speculation as to whether or not Tiger should play in the 2015 Open. Some argue that after his recent performance this past Saturday. Some are uncertain as to whether or not he can beat Jeff Knox in his current state right now. Some are comparing Woods 2010 performance after a six month absence, to reasons for a showing at the Open, which should lend itself to much needed confidence to contend to the Open this year.

Additionally, since Woods missed last year’s Open, it would be unthinkable for him to miss the Open two years in a row. With pressure coming from everyone, some predict that a Woods showing at the 2015 Open would increase the turn out and improve the overall ratings – even in his current state. If Woods did show up for the Open next week, it would likely be without the confidence that he’s used to having when playing at Augusta. If Tiger shows up for practice in Augusta, he should really consider teeing up and playing at the Open and not back out, which would be even more damaging to his career.