Will Floyd Mayweather Fight Again?

After his fight against Andre Berto, Floyd Mayweather announced that it will be the final fight of his career. Although this announcement was not a surprise, it has many people believing that he is not in fact truly retired. It is not so uncommon to see established boxers return for another fight after they have announced their retirement. Because of the nature of Floyd’s game which focuses on strong defense, many people expect to see him back.

Upon completing this fight, Mayweather has finished out his contract of 6 fights that he had with Showtime. He spoke about doing this in the past. There have been several instances where he mentioned that he would consider or plan to retire after his contract with Showtime was up.

As to whether or not he will ever fight again depends on a number of factors. For one, he does not have a contractual obligation to fight or not. He is not free to partner with whoever he wants for his fights. On the other hand, he has no real reason to fight again. He has plenty of money, he is getting up there in age and he doesn’t have anyone that he could fight that would draw a large crowed in the same way that the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight did. With that said, if there is another fighter that can drum up the same level of interest that Pacquiao did, that would create a strong incentive for Mayweather to lace up the gloves once more.

He currently sits on a perfect 49-0 record. If he is concerned about his legacy; it makes sense for him to step away now. Although he is still considered to be one of the quickest fighters in boxing, it is only a matter of time before his age starts to catch up to him and slow him down. Suffering a loss on his last fight will do a lot of damage to his legacy as a fighter. That may be a significant enough to keep him away from boxing going forward.

One of the most commonly shared thoughts is that Mayweather would come out of retirement if he finds an opponent that will be easy to fight and will draw a large crowd. This will allow him to secure another huge payday without forcing him to put his perfect record at risk.

It shouldn’t be difficult to find an attractive opponent that he would feel confident beating since he is still considered to be the best in his weight class. In fact, it is almost certain that he would be the favorite against anyone for those that are betting on boxing. Vegas has put him as the favorite in every one of his fights over the past several years. The challenging part will be to find someone that can approach the buzz and intrigue that Pacquiao once did.

To answer the question, no one knows if Mayweather will ever fight again. According to him, he won’t. But many believe they will soon see him in the ring fighting again.