Why Lionel Messi such a Popular Athlete?

Lionel Messi is not unknown for many of those soccer fans who follow each tournament and league games in soccer. This Argentina native has established some of the highly appreciated records in the soccer history. He has won awards for scoring goals, winning highly acclaimed tournaments and received world-wide recognition as one of the highest paid soccer player. This young soccer player born on June 24, 1987 is a native of Rosario, Argentina. After moving to Spain at the age of 13, Lionel Messi never thought that he will become a world-famous soccer player one day. During his teenage time, he was treated for hormonal deficiency syndromes. Today, Messi is a star soccer player who has scored a record number of goals for his country. Also, he has participated in various championships and received the prestigious award of FIFA Player of The Year consequently for the fourth time.

Lionel Messi was a soccer player from his childhood days. He and his brothers played soccer with their friends. He joined the youth team of soccer known as Newell’s Old Boys in his home town Rosario. After Messi was diagnosed with a hormone deficiency problem, he moved to Spain with his family. FC Barcelona, the famous Spanish Soccer Club took in the young Messi as a youth trainee and decided to cover his medical bills. This was the primary reason for the Messi family to make this decision to move to Spain. Messi was under the medication for several years and received the nightly growth-hormone injections for treating the deficiency problem.

Although Messi started his soccer career quite early, he became popular when he joined the junior club at the age of 16. He started playing for the team Barcelona as one of the youngest players. He also participated on the behalf of his own country Argentina in Under-20 World Cup and scored penalty kicks in team matches. His unique goal making skills and performance on the field made him quite popular eventually. Messi with his short stature of 5 feet and 7 inches is often compared to the legendary Argentinean player Diego Maradona. After representing his country and club in various popular tournaments, he received the prestigious FIFA Player of the Year award in 2009. In the same year, he won Champions League and Spanish Super Cup Titles with Barcelona. Sports betting fans interested in betting on football should check Messi and his team’s performances.

In the soccer world cup 2014, his notable performance was a major topic of discussion worldwide. His performance, relentless attacking and team management made his team Argentina to enter the world cup finals in 2014. Although his team couldn’t bag the title, Messi won the player of the tournament award at the end of the FIFA 2014 Soccer game. As a club player of Barcelona, Messi has surpassed the previous record of Cesar Rodriguez with the record of 232 goals.

This world-class soccer player Messi is also an active socialist and humanitarian. He participates in several non-profit events and works closely with UNICEF as a goodwill ambassador. He is also a father of a two year old son, Thiago. Those keen on betting on soccer should not miss checking Messi’s Barcelona tournaments and world premier games.