Why Is Ronda Rousey Such an Important Figure in Women’s Sports?

ronda rouseyRonda Rousey is an incredible figure not only in women’s sports, but in sports altogether. She is one of those athletes that is so dominant and so unbelievably captivating that it is nearly impossible to avoid watching her fights and talking about the way that she simply punishes her opponents. Fighting is something that is not considered something that women should do and although professional women’s boxing and mixed martial arts have been around for a very long time, along with those betting on the UFC, she has been the reason that it has come to the lime light.

There has never been a buzz around any type of women’s UFC events before like she has been creating, due to the fact that she is not only saying out loud she is going to destroy her opponents, but she is knocking them out in mere seconds. She continues to do this fight after fight and the prowess and control that she is engaging in and literally flaunting around the ring has been uplifting for a lot of women and has really expanded upon the sport.

You can guarantee that a ton of young women are deciding to get into boxing simply because of the motivation that she has created in them through her fantastic performances. A lot of the time it takes a polarizing figure like Ronda Rousey to get people excited about a sport that has otherwise gone relatively unnoticed, but there is no question that she has torn the lid off of women’s mixed martial arts and literally blown the door open. She has already proven she can mix it up with the men, as she has gotten into public debates and feuds with boxing top dog Floyd Mayweather, proving that she is not scared to stand up to anyone on this planet and is more than willing to handle any opponent, in and out of the ring.