Who Will Win Daytona 2016?

If you are any kind of NASCAR fan, whether you are betting on racing or not, you will be watching the Daytona race come February. With all the new faces and changes to the way the cars handle it will be a virtual crapshoot when the green flag drops. Year after year all drivers, rookie and veterans alike, will be looking to start the season off with a bang, and Daytona is a notch everyone wants on their belt. It is hard to try to sift through so much talent but it ultimately comes down the last lap. Below is a shot at what the season has to offer as far as predictions and some betting odds to go with it.

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Tony Stewart – Tony definitely has the talent and ambition but just can’t seem to put his car in victory lane at Daytona. The race experts put him at the number one contender for the win but the betting man’s odds give him a 30/1 chance. That isn’t even in the top 10 for the betting man.

Kyle Busch – Kyle was one of the favorites last year but due to injuries he has to sit on the bench. They give him a favorable chance this year but Vegas odd put him at 15/1 odds.

Kurt Busch – Due to his suspension he also had to sit on the bench and spectate. Expert still place him in the top ten and Vegas odds are also being nice with 15/1 odds.

Brad Keselowski – Brad is a consistent restrictor plate winner but just not at Daytona. He just can’t seem to adapt but does have a decent 12/1 shot in the betting circle.

Carl Edwards – Has only come close to a win at Daytona once in 2011 but at the old saying goes “every dog has his day”. He does get a 15/1 chance with the betting circle in Vegas.

Denny Hamlin – The preliminary races have been very nice to Denny but when it comes to the big one he has yet to cross that start finish line as a winner in Daytona. Vegas gives him a 15/1 shot.

Greg Biffle – Biffle is in the top ten mostly because of the changes within his organization. Maybe that will end his two-and-a-half-year drought. He has a dismal 40/1 shot with the betting man.

Clint Bowyer – Sports experts included Bowyer based on a few top five finishes but Vegas isn’t buying it. They give him a 40/1 shot.

Kasey Kahne – Another one of the experts “iffy” picks but Vegas give Kasey a 15/1 shot. I would keep my eyes peeled for him either way.

Martin Truex Jr. – Truex comes in last according to the experts, which is a good fit, but Vegas gives a little more forgiveness at 18/1 odds.