Who Will Be The Next FIFA President?

Who will be the next FIFA president? Here’s a clue, not Sepp Blatter nor Michel Platini. Come this February 26th, it will be a five-man race with two candidates from the middle east.

The candidates to battle out include Jordanian football boss Prince Ali, Sheikh Salman Bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa from the small Middle Eastern kingdom, Swiss UEFA insider Gianni Infantino, French FIFA executive Jerome Champagne and African Business Guru Tokyo Sexwale.

Prince has been categorical that he will fight the widespread corruption that has made the world’s most famous sport a distrusted institution. Prince Ali has defended vigorously the allegations that an insider cannot bring the needed change. Prince Ali has been with Jordan Football Association for some time now and is experienced in football management.

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Tokyo Sexwale is a South African businessman who fought the countries freedom war and was imprisoned for 18 years.Sexwale has also promised to be tough on corruption in soccer and to bring his business experienced and military experience to streamline the organization. He expects to receive the most support from African and North American countries. He is a trained military engineer and has battleground experience fighting the racist Afrikaner forces in Apartheid South Africa.

Jérôme Champagne is a 57-year-old French diplomat who has been in football for more than 30 years. He joined football in 1999 and has risen to became a director at FIFA in 2007.He is seen as the consummate insider and has so far escaped Swiss and American authorities’ investigations. Jerome is experienced in various soccer leadership positions in Africa hence understands football from a 3rd world country perspective. Jerome is a family man and brings the stability of a family man, the French passion and FIFA experience.

Gianni Infantino is a Swiss-Italian football executive who has been the UEFA secretary since 2009.This lawyer is counting on the support of European countries to back his bid. The UEFA executive committee has already declared their support and have already started the campaign trail. Born in 1970, he studied for a law degree in University of Fribourg and is fluent in 4 European languages. Gianni Infantino is one of the favorites.

Sheikh Salman Bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa is the president of Asian Football Confederation and a top favourite to win the race. The 50-year-old was born a footballer. In his prime, he played for Riffa Club. He then left that to concentrate on his studies but has grown to be the head of Asian football.

Sheikh Salman Bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa has been criticized for his complicity in various crimes in his country. He is a member of the Royal family and thus the ruling family.

The race for the top post has attracted the attention of football betting companies. Betting on soccer is currently at an all-time high and the stakes are high. People have staked billions and the companies are expected to enjoy a windfall. Like it has always been, the house doesn’t lose.