Who are the Sleeper Picks to win the FedEx Cup?

There is no doubt that betting on golf has seen a drastic rise in popularity in recent years, especially with the plethora of online gambling sites that have opened over the last decade. With the FedEx Cup coming up, there are a lot of people that are scrambling, trying to analyze the data that they have at their fingertips, attempting to place the best bets on the upcoming tournament. Luckily, there are a ton of resources online that can give a person a lot of insight into which players are most likely to finish at the top of the tournament. Although you can consider how a player has been playing in recent tournaments, which is a great place to start, especially due to the fact that golf is a fairly streaky game that is hugely mental. Thus, a player that has been on a hot streak and has a good mentality going into the tournament is far more likely to do well than a player that has had great success in the past on a given course, but has not been playing well and seems less than confident recently. Here are some sleeper picks for the upcoming FedEx Cup, which you may want to consider when betting on the PGA Tour.

Matt Kuchar
Despite the fact that he has not played much this year, he is back swinging a golf club and you can bet that he is looking to make his mark on the FedEx Cup. He has been a contender in the past at this event, meaning he has history on the course and has a very good shot to do well in the contest.

Patrick Reed
There is no doubt in just about anyone’s mind that Reed has the capabilities of winning any tournament he has entered and this year has been particularly difficult, due to the fact that he has been close to winning several tournaments and made several small mistakes. His game has suffered due to making careless mistakes that should not have been made, which has cost him severely this season. Look for him to take back control of his game and make a solid run at winning the FedEx Cup this year.

Tony Finau
Tony has the ability to hit the long ball and this course will give him a very good shot to take advantage of the longer holes. However, this course will truly be a hit or miss for him, as he absolutely has the ability to get out ahead of his opponents, which gives him a distinct advantage, although his success will ultimately come down to how accurate he is when he does make those big, booming shots. Finau is a rookie that not many people are looking at with having a great shot at winning the tournament, so if you are looking for a long shot that absolutely has a great shot at shocking the world during the FedEx tournament, Finau is the man you should go with.