Who are the Nicest Fans in College Football?

Has Jimbo Fisher Lost Control at FSUWhich college campuses are the most welcoming to outside fans? Who are the nicest opposing fans to watch a game with?

The terms nice and college football fans do not typically go together, as college football has a different level of passion from the fans, most of which have attended the schools that they are rooting for. When it comes to betting on college football and big time schools, you are likely talking about an area that is solely dedicated to their football team, meaning a great deal of the time they are in areas where college football is their main focus. If you are dealing with a larger school that is known for being ranked, you would be very hard pressed to walk into any of their stadiums dawned in the opposing teams colors and jerseys without getting thrown some trash talk from fans. However, at the college level, things do not get violent like they do in major league sports, so the jabbing from fans is more light hearted and fun, rather than aggressive.

Realistically, the fans that are the most welcoming and would be consider the “nicest” are from schools that are not really in the mix of things and do not have the best teams. These sort of environments are found literally all over the country, but you can bet that their demeanor will change if their team all of a sudden goes undefeated and they find themselves heading into a playoff game late into the season.

If you want to find some big time schools that are accepting of opposing teams fans, you should stay as far away from the SEC as you can. A more appropriate setting would be at schools such as Utah and Wyoming, who have been known to be able to take down fairly highly ranked schools but also provide a warm and friendly environment to outsiders. It would be hard to think of a better away game to watch than mixing in with the fans from Boise State to watch their teams face off on the bright blue turf that they have up in Idaho, but keep in mind that the Broncos are the cities blood, sweat and tears and they don’t like to see their team lose.