Who Are The American Outlaws?

OutlawsThe main issue facing the popularity of soccer in the United States is simply that even the most fanatical sports fan just does not know when the games are on, or what they mean. With friendlies, a variety of Cups, strange starting times than what we are used to, difficulty betting on soccer, and multiple time zones to factor in, it’s just hard to know when you are supposed to be watching. Granted, the US Women’s National Team has done wonders in recent months for the promotion of interest in the sport – even garnering better ratings than the US Men’s National Team’s World Cup performance a few summers ago. But it cannot stop there. This is the perfect time for the United States to join in the passion that hundreds of millions of fans enjoy around the world.

Enter The American Outlaws. Originally a faction of Nebraska rebels politely asking among the cheers of  “GO BIG RED”  for the soccer game to be turned on in local bars in Lincoln, NE just a few years ago. While American Football dominates the majority of the sporting landscape in the US, the American Outlaws began in 2007 as a group of friends simply looking ban together for enough support to have the sound turned on in local bars for their favorite games. Eventually more people began showing up, and more bars had the games on without being asked. Eventually The American Outlaws became the voice of soccer in the United States.

They do everything right. There are schedules for the US Men’s and US Women’s team on their website, ticket packages are available, discounts on flights, awesome fan gear, songs lists, night before parties, pre-game parties, email chains, social media accounts, marches to the stadium, and an overwhelming support from the National Teams and players themselves. For decades the US Soccer fans have been NEEDING a unifying force to strengthen the fandom. Without knowing it, The American Outlaws did just that.

The American Outlaws now stand over 30,000 strong with over 175 chapters in cities around the country. “Finding a bar to turn the sound on” has become a full-time job for the founders. Going to a game means no longer having to find those super fan friends of yours, or convincing those who are not to pony up for tickets. Attending a game with the Outlaws is now THOUSANDS of people from around the country traveling, singing, partying, and cheering together. The American Outlaws are no longer relegated to a corner in Captain Jack’s in Lincoln, but are front and center in bars, taverns, and pubs around the country – and on television around the world.

The popularity of soccer in America is at an all-time high, and will only continue to grow. The fans are demanding more games to be broadcast, and with more games broadcast, more interest is generated in becoming a part of this driving force of fandom. The American Outlaws have started a revolution for the soccer fan here in the States. People who would never in a million years attend a game are skipping work on a Wednesday and meeting at the bar at 1:30pm to cheer on the National Teams. It’s true. I’ve done it.

Stop making excuses, stop asking questions, and put “Attend a game as an American Outlaw” on your bucket list if it is not already. Find a chapter, find a game, find some tickets, and take a road trip if you need to. Finding amazing friends and family to share in this unforgettable experience is no longer an issue.

We may be new at this, but we love being the underdog…and as Americans we tend to know a thing or two about revolution.

Unite and Strengthen.