Which MLB Stars are Playing Their Final Season?

With the 2015 Major League Baseball season winding down the last month of the year, there are plenty of questions as to which older players in the league are going to be taking the field for the last time. There is a massive amount of speculation each year, especially when it comes to betting on baseball and MLB betting online, and although sportscasters and writers can make all the predictions they want, no one really knows until the words come out of the players mouths themselves. Here are some notable baseball players that are likely to be done once the season wraps up in early October, assuming that they have not made the post season, which you may want to take into consideration when baseball betting.

Alex Rodriguez
There is constant debate whether or not A-rod is going to retire and this has been a frequent discussion since the huge ordeal that went down in the media a few years ago, regarding his prior use of steroids. He has hit major horn run milestones and is already forty years old and despite still having some time left on his contract, which pays him well over twenty million dollars each and every year, there is a huge chance that this will be the last time anyone sees him put on a Yankee’s uniform and step onto the field.

Ichiro Suzuki
Without a doubt one of the best international players to play in the MLB, Ichiro Suzuki has not only succeeded as a professional baseball players, but he has far surpassed the high expectations that were set when he came into the league. However, he has been hanging around for a long time and is now currently forty one years old and likely on the way out at the end of the 2015 season, finishing up his long career with the Miami Marlins.

Bartolo Colon
For some reason, pitchers manage to stay in the league far past what other players are able to do, truly spanning across all professional sports. Bartolo Colon is a classic example of this, as he is still pitching for the New York Mets at the ripe age of forty two and is still producing quite well, although his days are undeniably numbered and you can bet that he is going to be considering hanging his hat up once the 2015 season comes to a close.

Joe Nathan
Another pitcher that is over the forty year mark and still getting paid as a major league pitcher is Joe Nathan, although his chances of retirement have gone through the roof this year, due to the fact that he has been struggling with an injury and has not been playing. After signing a two year contract at the age of thirty nine with the Detroit Tigers for a whopping twenty million dollars, despite the fact that he does have an option for the 2016 season, it looks blatantly obvious that he is going to think about the large amount of money that he has recently made, the injuries that he has sustained over the last few years and bow out of the game after 2015.