Which College Football Players will be Going Pro after this Year?

NCAA stars who will likely skip their senior season for the NFL draft

Last season, a record number of college football underclassmen declared for the NFL draft. Now, not all of them went drafted, and many more who were drafted are just going to end up on the cutting board within the next few years. However, the potential money awaiting in the NFL is hard to pass up. Plus, for many star players, the possibility of being injured in a final college football season might be the difference of a multi-million dollar contract and nothing. Due to this, there is a considerable number of players who are going to go pro this year before graduating. It is actually possible to bet on this, as betting on football is one of the most popular betting sports in the world. For individuals who are looking for alternative college football betting opportunities, this is one. So who is most likely to go pro after this year? Here are a few.

An Ohio State Quarterback

Kind of vague, but someone is leaving the program. Braxton Miller switched to wide receiver and is a senior anyways. However, both current quarterbacks J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones are underclassmen, have played on the big stage and have NFL potential. If you had to pick one out of the two it would be Cardale Jones, who tweeted early on as a freshman about why he should be forced to go to class when he’s in Columbus to play football. That right there suggests his head isn’t there for schooling. So, he’s most likely gone, but it wouldn’t be a complete shocker if both left.

Nick Chubb

Chubb is one of the top running backs in the nation out of Georgia. The one thing about running backs especially is they do not have a long shelf life. They take a beating on every single play and their bodies just can’t handle it. Due to this, if a RB has a solid junior year, it is often recommended for them to leave. So, if Chubb goes for at least 1,000 years this year, he is as good as gone.

Ezekiel Elliott

Yeah, back to Ohio State, but the offensive side of the ball is loaded with talent. Ezekiel wanted to test the NFL waters last year, but he was too young. For anyone betting on football and who leaves for the draft early, this is probably the surest bet possible. He is probably the best running back in college football, and he’ll receive more yards than most other backs simply because his QBs receive a considerable amount of attention. He’s almost a sure fire NFL first rounder next year, so baring any injuries he is going to be gone.

Adoree’ Jackson

Jackson is an excellent CB for USC. However, he is also a diversified player as he returns kicks and will occasionally play offense. While not exactly up to Charles Woodson standards, he’s an excellent defensive player and for college football betting fans, placing money on him leaving early is probably a smart bet.