What Will Happen During The 2016 PGA Season?

The 2016 PGA season will include many surprises, but the season will have four major surprises that ever golf enthusiast must watch out for. This article explains the four biggest surprises for the 2016 season, and the predictions will be backed up with solid research. anyone betting on the PGA Tour needs this information, and PGA tour betting will swing based on this information.

Get Your 2016 PGA Tour Bets Ready for the Season

Phil Mickelson Will Win The Masters

There is no surprise that Phil Mickelson loves the course at Augusta National Golf Club. Phil has won The Masters three times in the past, and he has come close a few other times. 2016 is a good time for Phil to break through because he has been so close recently. Phil is getting much older, and he is more likely to win The Masters in his late 40s like Jack Nicklaus did than any other tournament.

Tiger Woods Will Not Play

Tiger has not said a word about how injured he is, but it is clear that is very hurt. He has seen his swing change wildly, and he is missing cuts at tournaments that he would have won in the past. Tiger will not tell the press how hurt he is, but he may need to miss the whole season to get himself right. Do not expect to see Tiger in 2016.

The Olympic Format Will Be Blasted By The Press

Playing 72 holes at the Olympics will cause the play to take a long time, and the play could take even longer if there are weather issues. Players who are coming in to play for their countries will likely use the Olympics as an excuse before and after the games, and golf fans will be upset that they are missing out on other golf that could have happened during the Olympics. The Olympics should get a break from golf fans, and the four-round format for the Olympics will give one player a chance to take hold of the first gold medal in Olympic golf history.

The U.S. will Win The Ryder Cup

The U.S. team will be young and hungry when the Ryder Cup occurs. There is no guarantee that the Americans will win the tournament, but America has not been in a better position to win the Ryder Cup since the miracle at Brookline in 1999. The Ryder Cup is something that America has been embarrassed in during past events, and there is no indication that the younger squad will allow that to happen.

The 2016 PGA golf season will bring four major surprises that every golf fan must be ready for. The public will see how golf looks without Tiger Woods, Phil will fit his fourth green jacket and the U.S. will play to glory. Golf fans will have a heavy serving of drama this season, and golfers who have been sitting behind Tiger for years will have their first good chance to jump in front of Tiger for the first time.