What Does 2016 Hold for These PGA Superstars?

Rory McIlroy from Ireland, Jordan Spieth from the United States of America, and Jason Day from Australia currently represent the newest triumvirate of modern golf. Each one a great player, each a champion, each possessing nerves of steel. There is not much difference among the three. They are long and straight off the tee and from the fairway to the green and into the cup. Each, too, is a brilliant putter.

There is no handicapping at this level of professional golf. Each player has, duly, secured a position in the history of the world of golf and could abandon golf tomorrow to enjoy a life of great indulgence. But to arrive at this championship level of golf, a certain reserve is required, a determination to be the best, to win again and again, and to continue to win for as long as possible. It is no longer about the money, but about being number one in the world rankings, and the winning of major tournaments.

Get Your 2016 PGA Tour Bets Ready for the Season

Each of the three has a different personality to handle the strains and stress of professional golf. McIlroy represents the boy super star possessing a perfect golf swing. Spectators who know the game realize the tremendous talent that lies within the body of this young star. Bet on him to win the Open Championship this summer.

Spieth on the other hand represents the establishment young star, handsome, calm and cool in all situations. He is the player who can treat adversity and victory equally and keep his calm in any storm. He will win the Masters Golf Tournamnet in April.

Jason Day is a bit of the showman, not unlike another great golfer, Tiger Woods. We cheer his fist pumps and are in amazement at his talents. But he may fall victim to success this year and may in fact not win a single major. Of the three golfers, his temperament fluctuates the most. His fan base will continue to grow, but he, of the three, may fall victim to the riches of success. Day may not win a major golf title in 2016.

The Johnsons, Zack and Dustin will be lurking in the azaleas and gorse ready to hoist major tournament hardware, and Bubba Watson can at any time take the top prize. Rory McIlroy will win the most money of the three golfers and Jason Day may make the least. But this golf year promises to have great drama with the three of them playing together at the four majors. Golf fans around the world are in for a treat with these three great players contesting for dominance. But golf betting may be the biggest winner as each tournament will be hotly contested. This is not the era of a single dominant player, when the bet was either Tiger or the rest of the field. Speith, McIlroy, and others are all looking to be the next sure thing.