What are Some Obscure Sports to Bet on Around the World?

It really is possible to bet on just about any sport in the world. There are some pretty obscure “sports” out there, from chasing a block of cheese down a hill to using a bathtub to slide to a finish line. It all just depends on what someone really is looking to bet on. Now, chances are when it comes to online sports betting, you are not going to find this cheese race listed on most websites. Even if it is, it can be rather difficult to place sport betting wagers on these individual kinds of games. You should at least be able to do some research on who is playing and what they have done in the past. By doing this, you increase your chances of winning with the online sports betting and have the increased possibility of bringing in money for your winnings. This is a list of some of the more obscure sports you can still take advantage of sport betting opportunities.


Yup, you can place bets on people who shoot guns for a living. Many of these shooters have some rather unusual ways of shooting guns as well, ranging from mirrors to installing blinders in hats to really anything else that can give them a competitive advantage without just walking up to the target and executing it with a pistol. It isn’t all that exciting, but for fans of guns, this might be an interesting little way to place bets.


While you probably won’t be able to yell “over the line” at the television screen, bowling is a bit more popular of a sport that you can find on television during the slower sports seasons of the year. You can learn about different players, who they roll and what they like to do. Usually, the different lanes are all the same, so it is really about how a player bowls that particular day. So, keep all of this in mind. And, before you start wondering why bowling made it into the list of more obscure sports to bet on, you need to know that bowling is not listed in the top 20 most popular sports in any country of the world.


Possibly the ultimate bar game, it is possible to bet on darts. Really, it is in the same category as shooting. Of course, an interesting side note that might pop into your head is how darts started up as a bar game in the first place? Was there a time and a place where people were taking bets while throwing knives at the wall, seeing what they could hit? Whether you want to bet on it online or just go out to your neighborhood bar and bet on it, this is a great way to play.


You might weightlift to stay in shape, but did you know you can bet on it? Yup. Anywhere from who is going to lift more to how much they are going to lift, it is all an option.