US Players Lend Their Support To The Matilda’s Fight For Equality And Better Pay

The Matildas recently fought back against their lack of pay by refusing to participate in the US Tour that was scheduled for two matches. U.S. women’s players Hope Solo and Carli Lloyd have offered their support for the Australian women’s teams battle for pay equality. The ongoing battle with the Football Federation of Australia has resulted in the players backing out of training camps, refusing to go to scheduled events, and increased negotiations with the collective bargaining agreement.

U.S. Goalkeeper Hope Solo gave out a tweet that stated: ”Only #respect for @TheMatildas. Will miss competing against their great team, but proud of their fight for what’s right! #equality,” while midfielder Lloyd posted: ”@TheMatildas are courageously fighting for what is right. #pricelessrolemodels.”

Australia’s best female basketball player and former WNBA MVP Lauren Jackson also put in her opinion on the strike.

“It’s time that we start being remunerated in a way that represents how important we are on the world stage. There’s a huge sacrifice for women in sport. When you are performing on the world stage and you are the best in the world, you should be treated that way.”

The Matildas have shown exceptional play and are considered to be among the best football teams in the world after making it to the quarter-finals of the World Cup last year, losing to Japan. They are requesting a pay increase from $21,000 to $40,000, which is almost double their current salary.

Another one of the goals behind the negotiations is to get better training and conditions for the team so that they can compete at the competitive level. The Matildas were ranked among the top teams in the world, and in order to move forward and have a chance at the World Cup they want to have the resources to push them.

The FFA has so far refused to grant this pay increase, and has fought back against other benefits the team has been seeking. After canceling the U.S. Tour, the Matilda’s fight has crossed borders and other international players were able to put in their support for the team.

Pay inequality is a big deal for women’s sports because female athletes will typically make significantly less than their male counterparts. This is mainly due to the lack of views and ratings that female athletes receive compared to males, but this also leads to less pay for equal work.

Haiti will now be replacing the Matildas in the U.S. Tour matches. The matches have totaled over 60,000 ticket sales, meaning a big turnout for the event.