Unibet sportsbook came into existence in 1997. In 1998, Unibet book was granted a license to enable it to run a successful betting operation business in the United Kingdom. It acquired an office in London where it started its business by taking the bets over the phone. This was the easiest way of reaching its target market given that use of phones was the fastest technology.

In 1999, it established its first internet website, which used the English language. Two years later, it launched its second website given that the customer demand was growing tremendously. It was able to translate the website into twelve different languages with a customer base in more than fifty countries. The year 2000 saw the sports book rise in fame, and it won itself more than two hundred thousand customers. They were all registered in the more than eighty countries in which it was offering its services.

In 2003, Unibet launched a more updated version of its website. It’s also in this year that the sports book added new products into the market to cater for the new customers. It incorporated live betting and online casino products. It meant that customers could easily go on with their gaming using the online platform. By this time, it had reached a target of more than two hundred and fifty thousand customers in over one hundred countries. In 2008, it brought something new to the casino market. It launched a casino, which could be downloaded by its customers. It became a more advanced stage. As the years were advancing, so were the casino products and it’s in the year 2009 that the live casino came into existence. This saw the technological trend go a notch higher. It made it easy for the customers involved in the game. It’s in 2011 that casino and betting got a slot on unibet.it. It has been using its unique software, which has been advancing gradually.

In the year 2008, the sports book brought into use the Java application software, which was used in mobile betting. 2009 saw it advance to WAP and iPhone application software to meet growing customers’ needs. The sportsbook has been on the market for eighteen years now. It boasts of more than fourteen million customers in Europe and Australia, which is its main customer base. It has partnered with organizations to enable it to run effectively. The European Gaming and Betting Association and the Remote Gambling Association are partners of Unibet sportsbook. It’s compliant with the rules and regulations of Global Gaming Guidance Group that ensure there is legitimate gambling.


The Casino has tantalizing deals that the customer cannot afford to miss out. It has special offers on casino games. There is the 1000 Euros Cash back every Tuesday. The customer chooses from the variety of games available for example, Star bust, Twin Spin and Gonzo’s Quest. The player puts 10 euros if he or she is using a desktop and 5 euros if he uses a mobile device on the game of their choice. Any game entered into a prize draw opens possibilities of winning and sharing 1000euros. The winners get a notification through their accounts. The money is delivered to them the following day. Each winner gets between five euros to twenty euros. There is Euro Golden Cup. The game is giving away seven thousand euros in cash and prizes. It has seven tournaments running for a week. A player puts in fifty euros or more. It helps the player get into a draw, and only the top twenty players get the chance to share the money. They share one thousand euros with the first winner taking home three hundred euros, second winner one hundred and seventy-five euros, and the third winner one hundred euros. The remaining winners share the twenty-five euros.

There are prizes which are up for grabs. They include two iPad minis and a 48 inch TV. There is a Euro Football 90+ Cashback. The player place a winning bet on the game in the form of cash which is put back in the account forty-eight hours after the match is over. The bet works in a simple way. The player makes predictions on all losing correct score, half-time and full-time, the first goal scorer and the last goal scorer. He or she bets up to one hundred euros, which are refundable if a goal is scored after the ninetieth minute. These offers are too good to loose.


Sports odds are offered on a maximum of five hundred different events, which cover a variety of sports. The sports book offers many types of gambling on the event taking place. The well-known sports that have these offers are football, ice hockey, and tennis. This sporting business mainly makes large incomes when the major games such as soccer leagues and tennis tournaments are on season. It offers lucrative monetary deals to the customers of about ninety to ninety-five percent. This solely depends on the type of game going on. Live betting is fun and adventurous for the customer. Customers have the chance of placing a bet on an ongoing live game or event.

The advantage of live betting is that it offers the luxury of entertainment. The sportsbook takes bets from the customers and in return offers odds on live matches. Its beauty is that odds may change as the game is going on but the customers get to retain the odds they received after the bet. The bets are not limited, and the customer can make as many as possible. The sports book has inbuilt money software that makes it possible for customers to sell their bets before the end of an event or a match. Customers have the advantage of switching bets in case they see no victory of an ongoing match or event. Exciting opportunities come along with live betting because customers have a variety to choose from for example, away win or home away. This can change as the game proceeds from home to away or vice versa. It depends on the punters decision.

The outstanding features of this sports book are players can enjoy their game with no worries of security issues. It ensures that players have a safe and conducive environment for their activities. The sports book has made it its duty to create awareness on responsible gaming. It has incorporated guidelines that help reduce issues that arise from the gaming. It uses software that can sense and detect early signs of problems that come along with gambling. The software uses signals that help it protect the players. It has inbuilt tools that help the customers have the opportunity of limiting their gaming regarding the budget and time consciousness. The sports book has taken the initiative of training experts who offer responsible gaming advice to the players. It understands its customers’ needs and makes the effort of delivering quality services.


The sports book holds both local and international gambling licenses. It has local gambling licenses in European countries among them the United Kingdom and Australia. The international licenses cover Malta and Gibraltar. It pays the betting duties in all its customer bases according to the internal rules and regulations of the countries. It has award winning systems ensuring customers safety in gaming.