Top Nascar Drivers to Watch in 2015

NascarThe best NASCAR drivers for 2015 will also be the best NASCAR bets of 2015. The people that like to bet on racing need to know how to manage their online NASCAR betting using the right drivers, and those drivers listed in this article. This is a very simple way to keep up with the times, and most drivers are going to remain consistent because their teams are so strong.

Jimmie Johnson

He has won six championships, and there is no reason to believe that he is going to slow down any time soon. He has won five in a row at one point, and his team is always on point. Anyone who is betting against Jimmie Johnson is going to lose money in the long run. Consider how many races he has won already before placing a bet against him.

Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards has been so close so many times that it is hard to believe he will remain on the outside looking in forever. He is the fittest driver on the circuit, and he is a surefire favorite for many races. Given his experience and talent, he will break through even more in the upcoming season.

Kurt Busch

No matter what is going on with Kurt Busch’s life, he is still a great driver. He is one of the drivers that can reel off a series of wins very quickly, and he will do that without seeming to break a sweat. He has had his ups and downs the last few years, but he is definitely someone who can make waves on the circuit whenever he wants to.

Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart may be part owner of his team, but he is still one of the best drivers on the circuit. Tony Stewart is one of the best NASCAR bets for gamblers, and the online NASCAR betting sites are going to give good odds to Tony most of the time. He is the kind of driver that hangs in there until the bitter end. He may not win a title, but he will always be in the hunt to be the winner in the next season.

These four drivers are all good bets for the next season, and anyone who likes to place their bets on racing should give these drivers a shot. These drivers are some of the strongest on the circuit, and they have won eleven championships between them. That is more than enough reason to believe that they can succeed in the rest of the 2015 NASCAR season.