Top College Football Upsets So Far This Season

They say nothing is sure in life except death and taxes. And “they” could well have a point, especially when it comes to betting on college football. It seems that every season begins with players and teams to watch. And these seasons invariably end with promising players not living up to their potential and teams coming out of obscurity to travel to and win bowls. The college football season is far from over of course, but like many a season before it, some commonly held beliefs are having to be rethunk. So what are the upsets of the 2015 college football season thus far that have bookmakers scrambling to rejigger the odds?

Florida State University vs. Georgia Tech
The Seminoles had a unbroken winning season, but the Yellow Jackets took care of that by blocking a field goal and returning it for a touchdown that should have ended a 16-16 game with a victory for FSU. That team’s season is still nothing to sniff at, but has a chink in the armor been exposed?

University of Michigan vs. Michigan State
Who are the Michigan Spartans? One of the University of Michigan’s great rivals, of course. And they’re also the team that rolled over the Wolverines football machine in a 27-23 game that included a jaw-dropping fumbled pass to kicker Blake O’Neil that should have sent the Spartans home.

Clemson vs. Miami
The good news? Miami’s Hurricanes haven’t had a game this bad since they played Texas A&M in 1944. The bad news? Losing 58-0 is pretty bad. Miami’s worse loss ever, in fact. It was a good game for Clemson’s Tigers though, who vaulted into the Top Five after this historic win.

University of Memphis vs. University of Mississippi
The Memphis Tigers have had a spectacular season, with only perhaps the teams comprising the Power Five playing better. But Ole Miss has had a none-too-shabby season itself this year, and watchers were predicting that the Rebels would pull more of their sly moves to defeat the Tigers as well. And indeed, they got off to a great start, racking up a quick 14-0 lead. But Memphis found their footing in the third quarter, winning 37-24.

University of Utah vs. University of Southern California
Utah’s Utes have won praise on a national level, but then again, they were playing the Trojans. The Utes got off to a quick lead, but the Trojans rebounded in the second quarter for a 42-24 win.

Although recent games have had one professional odds maker claiming that “All the Vegas dogs are winning this season”, other watchers feel that 2015 upsets to date haven’t been all that astonishing. Clemson and Louisiana State University have made impressive climbs in recent weeks, but other teams are ranked about where they were expected to be at the start of the season. So what is the Bowl crystal ball showing as we enter November? Clemson, Louisiana, Georgia Tech, Memphis, and that sly dog Ole Miss are being projected for multiple bowls. Bowl callers haven’t quite given up on underperforming Ohio State and Arkansas. And even badly injured, defense challenged Auburn University has a few bowl cheerleaders this year. After all, what’s college football without its upsets?