Thierry Dusautoir Chooses to Retire from Rugby Play

Thanks to the massive growth of cable and satellite television and the internet, international rugby reaches incredibly large audience. An untold number of new fans are drawn to the sport (and to rugby betting) thanks to the increased venues in which to follow the sport. More than a bit of sad news is circulating among international rugby circle these days as one of the top stars of the sport is calling it a career. Thierry Dusautoir has decided to retire.

Thierry Dusautoir is retiring at the age of 34 after a distinguished career as a captain in France. He played 80 career games and served as a captain in well over 50 of them. The announcement does not come after joyous news. Recently, France suffered a crushing defeat in the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Those betting on rugby who put money on France were not exactly thrilled at the outcome and Dusautoir was probably the least thrilled of all.

34 is rather young to end a career, but the star captain feels the time is right to exit. Does this mean he is never going to make a comeback? No one knows how that is going to play out and such an event is not exactly going to happen one year after a retirement.

Dusautoir has hinted he could continue playing albeit at less than 100%. He would continue to draw his salary and remain in the public spotlight. What he would not do is be able to give the team the effort and support necessary to score consistent wins – or so he says. Maybe Dusautoir is selling himself a bit short. It is not as if people who enjoy rugby betting would always go with the other team solely because he is one of the player’s on the field.

He has made his decision and it looks as if the rugby career of Thierry Dusautoir has come to a close. His international career started in 2006 and it was one known by a host of impressive performances.

During his playing time, Dusautoir had made a big name for himself thanks to a number of high-profile performances. In particular, the ability to lead France to a win over New Zealand established him as a star.

Superstar careers may be quite distinguished, but no one is under the belief that a top star is going to remain in the game forever. There does come a point when it is necessary to step aside and call it a career. Just as a gambler must know when to pass on betting on rugby, a player has to know when it is wise to not continue to the next season. Dusautoir has chosen to call his bets off and retire. Everyone wishes him the best.