The UKGC is Making Changes

UKGCThe world of gambling is in constant flux, and it is a worldwide theme. Most recently the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) is making a push that is targeted toward consumers. The initial plan is to incorporate this plan into the existing guidelines that govern the gambling industry. This is a three pronged plan.

Gambling Safety

In the efforts to address not only gambling addiction, but to encompass all facets which also include responsible gambling. This is a move that is also being seen around the world and the UKGC like every responsible government body is doing what it can to benefit consumers and or citizens.

Consumer Confidence

This will integrate actions and plans to provide consumers assurance that the playing field is even. With the aim here to prevent rigging and fixing games to provide a more enjoyable experience the expectancy is that business in the gambling sector will see less crime and become an even stronger industry.

Solicitation and Rules

Just as it sounds, the third portion of this plan from the UKGC is to reduce unsolicited messages and texts and to also make careful reviews of terms and conditions to ensure fairness. Online gambling is also on this list and will have the same plans applied.
Although the primary focus of these changes are with intent to help consumers that are involved with this industry, there is also a secondary measure that is designed to improve the business of gambling. By reaching out and building partnerships not just European but internationally the theory is that getting more standardized procedures while possibly learning of existing guidelines not currently being utilized will be beneficial.

One more noteworthy objective of the Commission is to raise the standards across the board as to how the gambling sector operates, this will also include looking into improving the National Lottery. The purpose with the lottery is akin to the other gambling changes to include fairness of play.

The roll out of these new changes and improvements are part of the National Responsible Gambling Strategy that is designed to be a three-year plan. Part of the impetus behind the changes deal with serious crime like money laundering. The chairman of the Gambling Commission Philip Graf has spoken publicly in support and in promotion of these changes.

The goals, reducing crime and implementing changes that will act as a deterrent from committing these crimes; improved experiences that includes giving the consumer a fairer and safer arena in which they can participate and the overall benefit of the gambling industry all appear to be worthy and viable causes. How well the plan goes off is still to be determined, but the effort to get it accomplished is a safe bet.