The Three Best Teams in the NHL

2015 NHL Playoff ProjectionsThe Stanley Cup has been hoisted by many a player, but only the best in the league get their names engraved on it multiple years. To enjoy this hard-earned accomplishment, their team must persevere and battle top-notch players to the bitter end every year. Through training, teamwork, and a will to achieve, the top teams win a spot in the playoffs year after year. The best of these get to raise their championship banner next to a string of banners from previous years, exalting the blood, sweat, and even tears that go into that championship. When betting on hockey, these three teams are the best in the league, and are sure to keep coming back to the Playoffs again and again.

Minnesota Wild

Hockey betting wouldn’t be complete without an underdog. Even though the Wild are relatively new (Minnesota North Stars was the state’s team until that franchise moved to Dallas in 1993) they have made the Stanley Cup Playoffs five times in their short history. This is their third year in a row to land a spot, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be giving that up anytime soon. With top players like Pominville, Parise, and Koivu, they are definitely a team to watch.

Vancouver Canucks

Originally founded in 1945 but officially joining the NHL in 1970, the Vancouver Canucks make betting on hockey easy. With decades of playoff experience, the Canucks are a Stanley Cup Playoffs staple. Representing western Canada well, this team plays hard and finishes strong. Under the leadership of Henrik Sedin and his twin brother, Daniel, they own the ice with their teammates. Goalies Ryan Miller and Eddie Lack both boast great save percentages, making this a team that will last.

Chicago Blackhawks

A long line of championship banners lines the ceiling of the United Center in Chicago, proudly displaying five Stanley Cup championships. One of the “Original Six” teams, hockey betting would be obsolete without considering this cream of the crop team. Almost always landing a berth in the Playoffs, the Blackhawks have a deep and experienced team of players throughout every line. From the seasoned Hossa to their newest star to steal the show, Goalie Scott Darling, this is the team that stands the test of time when it comes to betting on hockey stars. Here to play and here to stay, the Chicago Blackhawks are sure to make an appearance in the Playoffs for many years to come.

The Best and Brightest

The Minnesota Wild, Vancouver Canucks, and Chicago Blackhawks are winning seeds to plant in the Playoffs. From underdog to “Original Six,” these three teams are the best in the NHL. They will only continue to grow and prosper with every season.