The presidential election bets pass Superbowl according to B.C. Lotto

There has been a lot of hype all around the globe surrounding the upcoming presidential election. It has gained so much attention that the British Columbia Lottery Corporation is stating that the number of bets on this election has surpassed the number of bets that they saw on the Superbowl. Beyond that, it has also received a higher number of bets than any other event in the last three years. Bookkeepers in all jurisdictions are receiving a large amount of bets on who is going to win the election, and most have been more favorably towards Hillary Clinton.

It’s no surprise that the bets have been swarming in. This has been a very back and forth election with the odds shifting in favor of one candidate or the other at various points. Each new event that pops up seems to have a heavy sway on the polls, which means that a majority of people are undecided and willing to switch candidates at the drop of a hat. This makes the election highly unpredictable, although many gambling platforms have shown that most people are tending to lean towards Hillary Clinton on being the winner of this year’s election.

It is also one of the most controversial elections since there is a lot of unique things surrounding both candidates. Donald Trump has not spent his life as a politician and comes from a businesses background, and has been quoted making some rather sexist and racist comments. On the other end, Hillary Clinton is facing a federal investigation that has been rearing its ugly head through the FBI during this entire election as a result of her private server, and there have been many other scandals that are being brought up against her.

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation is claiming that there are at least 3,700 wagers on the presidential election in their jurisdiction, and all of them worth as much as $500,000. Players can bet on who they think will win the election or a number of other factors. They get the option of choosing which way they believe certain swing states are going to vote, or even the percentage that the winner is going to lead by. However, the most popular bets have been on the victor of this election.

Very recently there has been a shift towards Donald Trump following FBI Director Jim Comey’s announcement that they would reopen the investigation against Hillary Clinton after finding 650,000 new emails on another computer. They shut this down a couple of days ago, just prior to the election, but the damage was done and it’s likely that this event sparked many voters to change their opinion. A lot of players bet on Donald Trump during this investigation period due to the dampened momentum Hillary Clinton has been facing, which has improved the odds for him by quite a bit.