The PGA Tour Bows Out Of Fantasy Sports Consideration

The expansion of sportsbook betting at casinos and online gaming establishments has opened the doors for the inclusion of a host of different sports. Golf betting is not as popular as, say, NFL or World Cup Soccer wagering. There are those who do like to wager on golf and certain sportsbooks are willing and able to accommodate such requests.

As far as fantasy sports are concerned, golf may not be joining the party any time soon – if at all. The PGA does not seem to want to get involved with fantasy sports. Not too surprisingly, the murky nature of the laws surrounding sports gambling as they relate to fantasy sports has the PGA not wanting to provide a full-throttle (or even partial or tepid) endorsement. In the state of Florida, the home to scores of major tournaments, questions about the legality of fantasy sports have yet to be answered. The PGA does well on its own without any involvement in fantasy sports.

Interestingly, this could be said of other professional sports leagues. They do not need fantasy gaming, but they are still involved. The PGA Tour remains the one, single, solitary pro sports league that is avoiding fantasy play. Golf betting online may sooner or later make a major shift to fantasy games, but the PGA does not appear to want to be a part of anything. At least not at this juncture.

The PGA has taken steps to examine the legal ramifications of taking part in fantasy sports golf wagering. Based on the initial steps, the PGA has opted to take a “wait and see” attitude. More than likely, the PGA Tour will come aboard the fantasy sports train. Doing so just might end up taking a while.

The PGA likely does not want to get involved in any legal trouble. The PGA Tour is successful and does not need the hassles. Yes, there are publicity and revenue generating benefits associated with being involved with fantasy sports. If there wasn’t, no sports league would opt to have anything to do with it.

As anyone who takes part in golf betting knows, earning money is always a positive. The PGA Tour realizes its marketing, publicity, and revenue generating strategies serve the purpose of keeping the company solvent. Fantasy sports can help with these goals. No one wants to see these goals achieved in a “more trouble than it is worth” kind of way.

Upon looking at things from this perspective, the decision made by the PGA Tour is understandable. How long it will be before the PGA changes its mind remains to be seen. Surely, the time will come when the organization has to change its mind.

No industry cannot exist unless it chooses to accept changes in the market landscape and become involved with new trends. At one time golf betting online was considered a fantasy. Today, it is an accepted and successful reality.