The NFL May Get Some More Rule Changes

betting on the NFLThe 2016 Superbowl has now entered the history books. Fans are looking forward to the next season of NFL play, and it should be quite the interesting one. One reason there is curious interest about the new season so early is new rules may end up being instituted. Rule changes are rare. So, when a proposal is made to change the rules, fans ears perk up.

Those fond of betting on the NFL may or may not be thrilled about the change to the extra point rule. For those who have not followed football closely this past season, the change to the rule meant extra-point kicks were moved back 12 yards. The changes makes scoring on the kick harder and, possibly, a bit less predictable. Fans of the New England Patriots were not exactly thrilled over the rule change since a missed extra point likely led to the Patriots missing out on another trip to the Super Bowl. Of course, no one really knows what could have or would have been. Maybe that makes the change a good thing.

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Commissioner Roger Goodell is a huge fan of the rule change. In fact, he is such a fan of the change, he supports new ones. New ones are definitely coming. Those who enjoy football betting have to be prepared for these changes once they are implemented. (A drop from a 99% success rate with extra points dropped to 94% in the first season after the rule change was put in place) Just as the extra point rule changed outcomes, so may other additional changes. Wagering decisions have to take these new rules into consideration prior to putting down a bet.

The change in rules does lead to changes regarding how coaches call plays. Since an extra point is now harder to land, coaches may choose to go for the two-point conversion more. In time, the two-point conversion may end up being the preferred option after scoring a six-point touchdown. For the past several decades, two-point conversion plays were very rare. The extra point kick was simply too easy to pass up. Why bother going for two points and dealing with all the risks that come with them? The rule change now makes the kick a little bit harder, and the two-point conversion may end up a lot less risky in certain situations.

Surely, the rule changes make the games more exciting for fans, and this translates into better enthusiasm. The NFL has not exactly been losing fans, but it never hurts to keep the fans guessing. A long as the rule changes are not too extreme or absurd, then fans are going to be fine with them. The same may be true of those betting on the NFL.