The Next Generation Of Formula One Drivers

Formula One racing is one of the hottest tickets in competitive auto racing today and has been so since its inaugural season in 1950. While Europe is known as the home of F1 racing, hosting roughly half of the races each year, the sport has grown both in popularity and in locations. In the 2014 season, Formula One boasted a television audience of 425 million worldwide with the number expected to grow in the upcoming years. With the sports spectacular growth over the past 50 years, F1 racing has become extremely popular among citizens across the United States and the rest of North America. Filled with hairpin turns, high speed passes, and frightening collisions along purpose built Formula One circuits, the sport has attracted the attention of sports enthusiast looking to cash in on F1 betting.

Betting on racing requires a love for the sport and an understanding of how F1 Racing works and what it takes to be a champion Formula One driver. The cars, tracks, and skills to handle these uniquely styled racing cars have changed a great deal since Nino Farino won the first Formula One championship in 1950. Since then, there have been drivers from all over the world who have competed for this coveted title. Only the best can pull off a victory. With a changes in technology and advances in human endurance and training, a new generation of Formula One drivers have their sights set on the checkered flag.

Names to Watch
Jules Bianchi is a 25-year-old wonder kid with the big skills and nerves of steel. Bianchi hit the racing scene like an avalanche when he made his motorsport debut a year ago. After a solid first year, the French native stepped up his game by scoring Marussia’s first Formula One points, by placing ninth in Monte Carlo. Considered one of the best of young talents of the sport today, Bianchi is a name to look out for.

Daniil Kvyat surprised a lot of motorsport enthusiast when he was chosen as a replacement driver at Toro Rosso. The now 20 year old driver, made a big leap from GP3 to the first class of motor racing. At the age of 19, Kvyat turned heads by scoring points in his debut race in Australia, taking ninth place and braking the record for the youngest driver ever to score points in Formula One.

Kevin Magnussen is a bit of a wildcard. Magnussen scored a podium by taking second place in Australia an earned Mclaren’s first podium appearance in over a year. Despite his youth and lack of experience, Magnussen displays the skills and abilities of a well seasoned driver. If this young talent can maintain his early form and precision, he is definitely one of the future Formula One drivers to keep an eye on.

Formula One is heating up around the world. It has all the ingredients of an action packed sport that is full of thrills and surprises, that will continue to grow in popularity and captivate fans.