The Most Underrated Active Athletes

Who are the best athletes playing right now that deserve more recognition? The truth is, there are plenty of a very talented athletes that are playing who simply don’t get the attention that they deserve. For some reason, they are constantly overshadowed by other more popular athletes, even when their skills are as good as, or even better than, the athletes who overshadow them. It is difficult to understand why this happens. These individuals have an immense amount of talent and natural ability. More often than not, they have personalities that are just as charming as the better known players and they work just as hard, sometimes harder. Despite all of their efforts, they often spend their entire athletic careers being overshadowed by other people as opposed to being properly recognized for the jobs that they are capable of performing. This even comes into play when it comes to things like betting on sports. People have a tendency to overlook these players but making the choice to pay attention to them can actually help people win a lot of money.

One of the most prominent players that is constantly overlooked is Russell Westbrook. He is one of the most talented basketball players in the NBA, yet his efforts are constantly ignored, often because he plays in the shadow of another dominant player, Kevin Durant. He has an amazing amount of skill and he has the quickness and agility to get the job done against even the toughest of opponents, yet sportswriters and media outlets have a tendency to overlook him as though he were almost invisible. When it comes to getting recognition and awards, he is hardly ever even in the running. It is a shame that such a skilled player spend so much time simply trying to get someone to pay attention to his abilities.

Another player that sometimes it is not treated fairly is college football’s Tommy Armstrong. He currently plays for the Nebraska Cornhuskers and over the years, he has been accused of being relatively ineffective, not being very good or being too green to understand the game. It seems like sports analysts have a field day when it comes to picking him to pieces, despite the fact that he was a gifted rookie and has continued to build on that foundation since then.

The next one is a bit of a stretch. Up until last year, he was one of the most widely recognized receivers in the NFL but today, he is an unsigned free agent. He makes the list because he is still in the running as a free agent and is still actively trying to sign with just about any team that will have him. His name is Wes Welker. During his years with the New England Patriots, he had more catches and more carries than most players combined. The last couple of years that he played for them, he found his time on the field diminishing little by little. By the time that he went to the Denver Broncos, he spent more time on the sidelines than he did on the field. He is overlooked, largely because he is more than 30 years old and he has had a number of concussions throughout his career. The same can be said for other players as well, yet they do not fall under the same scrutiny as Welker does.

Sports betting is a dynamic activity, almost as competitive as the sports themselves. The same can be said for online sports betting. That is why it is important for people that are involved in these activities to stand up and take notice of the players that are largely ignored, including watching players like Welker that might come into the picture at the last minute. Such a move has the power to completely change the face the team that is in question.