The Most Memorable Goals in Professional Soccer History

The most famous goals scored in soccer are ultimately going to come down to the countries and cities fans are located in. What goal is truly memorable and important to one group of fans might not be to another. With that being said though, there are some that are more significant and important based on the situation and the time of the game. So, no matter where you are located, if you bet on soccer, or how long you have been a fan of the most popular sport in the world, here are some of the most memorable goals in professional soccer history.

Geoff Hurst Scoring on West Germany in 1966

First of all, the goal took place during the 1966 World Cup final. Beyond this, people are still not sure if it was actually a goal or not. The game was tied 2 to 2 and in Extra time when England’s Geoff Hurst received a cross pass. He fired the ball in front of the net, but it went high, striking the crossbar and coming straight down and then out. England celebrated a scored goal while West Germany pointed to it not being a goal. Photographs show the ball striking the goal line, but it is nearly impossible to tell if it went past the line. For now though, it is England’s only World Cup.

Carlos Alberto on Italy in 1970

Brazil has a knack for being in the conversation of World Cup champions almost every time the Cup is played. This goal is known as one of the greatest goals scored simply for the way Carols scored. It’s almost impossible to describe the brilliant passing going on between the Brazilians, but Pele, arguably one of the greatest soccer players of all time, perfectly passed the ball to Carlos who scored from 25 yards away.

Diego Maradona on England in 1986

This is also known as the “Hand of God” goal. Maradona scored two memorable goals during this game, but the one that is always going to be remembered is one of the most controversial goals ever (possibly topping the England over West Germany goal). With the game tied at 0, Maradona passed the ball to a teammate who lifted the ball into the air. Both England’s goalkeeper and Maradona left for the ball, but Maradona, instead of heading it, flicked it with his hand into the net. The referee didn’t see it and the goal stood (of course soccer is also one of the most corrupt sports in the world, so it’s possible he just didn’t call it for a different reason).

During the same game, Maradona scored again on England. Maradona of Argentina took the ball in his half and moved past and directly took on five different English players, all before scoring on the ned. This is one of the most impressive and memorable goals ever scored simply because of the fashion of which Maradona scored and how he essentially took on half of England’s team at once and managed to trip up everyone before scoring.