The Marketing of Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry, guard for the Golden State Warriors currently is the reigning MVP. His success and his skills with basketball have made him one of the most marketable sports players of 2015. What makes Stephen Curry so marketable is the fact that he lead the Warriors to their first championship since 1975. His success earned him several spots on magazine covers. Mr. Curry even had the honor of playing golf with President Obama. Some of his recent endeavors include his trip to Asia on a brand marketing tour with the Under Armour brand.

Stephen Curry is such a marketable player due to the fact that he does not fit the athletic stereotype that is associated with an NBA point guard. What makes Stephen Curry truly stand out is the fact that he is able to connect with his fans and the consumers of the NBA. Fans and businesses always remember Stephen Curry as he is one of the most accessible and relatable athletes among the NBA team members. He is appealing to his fan base due to both his humble personality as well as his average height.

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Mr. Curry’s accomplishments are unique in the way that he is able to handle the ball on the court. His accomplishments, despite being very unique, are even more unique due to his humbleness. Fans and teammates of his say that he is a good guy that transfers his goodness to the success of the team.

Mr. Curry’s brand marketing is one of the most sought after names to have on any product. People who look at Stephen Curry or aspire to be basketball players, state that they want to shoot and aim exactly like Stephen Curry. Currently, Stephen Curry has endorsed several brands such as Under Armour, 2K Sports, Express, State Farm, Degree, Muscle Milk, as well as JBL Headphones. In addition to this, Mr. Curry was featured in an Apple commercial for the purpose of promoting the iPhone 6s. What makes his endorsed products so unique is the fact that Stephen Curry has to feel a natural connection before he ever endorses the product.

Stephen Curry has openly stated that in order for him to endorse the product, he has to also be a fan of the product. He does not want to sell false advertisement to his fans and those betting on the NBA, as that would go against his friendly demeanor. All of Stephen Curry’s accomplishments have made him one of the most marketable athletes.