The Future of American F1 Racing

Alexander Rossi is currently a pro race car driver racing for the Formula One organization.

In 2005, after winning the IKF Grand National Championship as part of the Yamaha class, Rossi became a semi-finalist for the Red Bull American Drivers scouting. He finished within the top five overall against 2,000 candidates around the nation.

A year later, Rossi was given a National Scholarship in order to allow him to compete in the ’06 Skip Barber National Championship. In this race he finished in third place of the power rankings and became known as the youngest driver to win in National history. He was just a young 14 year old boy at this point. Crazy right?

Additionally he competed to win the Formula BMW series in the United States during 2007. It was again that he finished third overall in the rankings after making it to the championship. At this point he has made it to the championship three days in a row.

In 2008, Rossi came back to finish his sophomore year in high school while carrying back to back Formula BMW championship winnings on EuroInternational terms. It was there that he can home holding the top of the rankings and becoming the first to ever win an American Formula BMW Championship.

Rossi finished the series as the number one Champion. He won the final race at the famous circuit in Mexico City. Rossi was scouted by a Formula One BMW Sauber Team and European champion Esteban Gutiérrez.

If winning locally wasn’t already enough, Rossi went on to compete internationally in Europe. He decided to race in the International Formula race sponsored by Hitech Racing. After just two races, Rossi was good enough to be promoted to ISR Racing for the rest of the season. He went on to win additional races throughout the season specializing in reverse-grid races. Rossi moved up in the table in ranks to the fourth position in the championship, making him finishing in the top of the table for the first time any rookie driver has ever accomplished.

It doesn’t take a genius to say this guy is a legend and will always be remembered. This guy broke more records than you can count at such a young age too. He is only twenty four years old and races against pros that have 10+ years of experience and are racing into their late 30’s early 40’s. He still makes those guys look silly. Eight of his total eighteen races he finished in the top five. Six of those are in the top three. If you are a fan looking to bet on F1 racing, Alexander Rossi may just be your guy.

After reading about this guy, Rossi has inspired many drivers both young and older adults to start racing. Now there are certainly more youth racing events for all types of vehicles. He has been an idol teaching those to chase after your dreams no matter what age you are. He also changed the way people race by going all in and playing tough.