The Final Season for NBA Stars

Every year, in all professional sports we see new players added to the game while older players retire, either by their own choice or the choice of the teams in the league. While it can be very sad for fans of these players and teams, it can be very beneficial financially as there are many prop bets you can make when betting on basketball. With that, let’s take a look at some of the prime candidates to hang it up in the NBA after this year.

The first player to look at is Kobe Bryant. While Bryant was once playing at an all-time great level, that production has given way to a multitude of injuries and inefficient play. Kobe has been able to continue to produce recently due to his ability to use shot fakes and elevate over smaller defenders to get off his off-balanced shots. The problem with this is, due to age and injury, Kobe can no longer get the elevation he needs on these shots to allow for the separation to get them off. Additionally, everyone knows Kobe is among the most competitive men to ever live. He expects to win championships every year. This Lakers team won’t be able to compete to win for a few years until their younger players like Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson develop. Kobe will not want to wait that long, and he is a prime candidate to end his historic career this season.

Another likely player to retire is Paul Pierce. Pierce had a resurgence in the playoffs last season, where he hit clutch shot after clutch shot against the Hawks to keep the Wizards alive in the series. Pierce, however, currently appears to ring hunting, leaving the Wizards for his old coach Doc Rivers and the LA Clippers. The Clippers may well win the title this year. If they do, look for Pierce to go out on top as a champion. If not, Pierce will be getting very old after next season and will lose even more production than he has already. He may also have to once again find a new team. Pierce will be remembered by most as an time great Celtic. He won’t want to jeopardize that by flipping from team to team in the twilight of his career. Championship or not, look for this to Pierce’s last season in the NBA.

A final player to look at is the founder of the Euro-step and one of the best 6 man’s of all time, Manu Ginobili. Manu has been one of the key pieces in the incredible ten year run the Spurs have been on. He revolutionized the game with his dribble moves and has hit clutch shots in the playoffs. While he can certainly provide flashes of these things, those moves have largely given way to spotty shot selection and out of control turnovers. As his minutes decrease to give room for Danny Green, Ginobili will see the writing on the wall and retire. Also, the Spurs take care of their own. Manu knows he has a job for life in that organization if he so chooses. He’ll make the transition from on the court to off after the season.