The Best Soccer Stadiums in the World

Soccer StadiumSoccer fans shouldn’t miss visiting these top stadiums that host some of the world’s best soccer tournaments, club matches and premier league matches every year. These stadium are located in some of the notable cities in the world. Here is a list of the best stadiums to watch soccer matches and cheer on your online soccer bets.

Marcana, Brazil

When the whole world was eager to see some of the best soccer teams in action, authorities in Brazil were making sure that they have the best, world-class venues ready for the Soccer World Cup 2014. The Marcana Soccer Stadium in Rio is a colossal national stadium. It was built to host some matches of the 1950 World Cup. However, the stadium underwent major renovations for the 2014 world cup preparation, and only added to the excitement of online soccer betting around the world. This stadium is home to the Brazil national soccer team and some of the major Brazilian derbies. Many important racing events held in this stadium are Fluminense and Flamengo. All soccer fans visiting Rio in Brazil should check out this renowned stadium, which is also a national landmark. The stadium has a capacity of 86,000.

Olympiastadion, Berlin

Germans are avid soccer fans too. The country is home to some massive soccer stadiums as well. This unique and huge soccer stadium in Berlin is one of the oldest venues. This stadium was the host ground of the Nazi Olympics, which was held in 1936. After undergoing major renovations and reconstructions, this popular stadium is now one of the most popular soccer stadiums in the world. Even after its renovations, the stadium still features some of the old statues and Nazi sculptures dated back to the early 1920s. This stadium was the host ground for the 2006 World Cup final. The German Cup Final and the Hertha BSC are held at this stadium.

Camp Nou, Barcelona

This imposing stadium has a capacity of over 100,000 spectators. This huge stadium in Barcelona is known for its grand architecture. This stadium is the largest of its kind in the entire continent of Europe. This stadium is the host ground of some of the popular soccer club matches. A number of Spanish football league matches and club matches are held here every year.

San Siro, Milan

This internationally renowned soccer stadium is the home ground of AC Milan and Inter Milan. Every year, millions of fans come to the San Siro to witness many exciting club matches of the European football league. What you will experience here is the unique Italian flair. The stadium is more known for its creative and colorful fans who create a joyous cum boisterous setting during every match. The stadium has a capacity of 80, 0000 fans.

Old Trafford, Manchester

English love soccer, and their country is home to some of the legendary stadiums in the world. Take the Old Trafford stadium in Manchester for an instance. This huge ground boasts a massive fan capacity with over 76,000 seats. Some of the famous matches of Manchester United are held here every year. A number of matches from the English Premier League are held here at Old Trafford. Every soccer fan should pay a visit to this popular soccer venue in Manchester, England.