The Best Golf Tournaments To Attend in The World

PGA TourThere are three golf tournaments and courses every golfer would love to attend, as well as play. Two on the list are actually available for public play and for the right fee can be accessed at any time by an average golfer. While these tournaments are not only amazing, they are also some of the best weeks of the year to bet on golf.  The Masters Golf Tournament at Augusta National,  The British Open Championship at St. Andrews Old Course and the United States Open Championship at Pebble Beach.

The Masters in the only major golf tournament held on the same course and is the only tournament play on the Augusta National Golf Course. This makes the tournament a true favorite for online golf betting and the people familiar with the course itself. A true golfer would appreciate the experience of simply walking the immaculate greens and just being part of the gallery. It is the only golf tournament where a strict code of decorum is followed by the patrons and respect is shown to the players as they navigate their way around the course. From a spectator’s point of view, the course is a living painting and would be a joy to walk as well as play the course. A golf patron knows that they are walking in the footsteps of all of the legends of the game from the past eighty years with the exception of old and young Tom Morris.

The British Open Championship or the Open Championship as it is known around the world, is played at some of the most scenic as well as historic golf courses around the world. It is the one tournament that golf patrons expect to be played in bad weather, ranging from a rain squall to a light snow storm. With online golf betting legal in the UK, and hundreds of years of history, the Open Championship is a favorite among those who bet on golf.

A golfer’s bucket list is not complete unless they play the Old Course at St. Andrews. The Course barely resembles a modern day golf course but it is steep in history and is actually a tough course to navigate with the varied winds and numerous reverse bunkers. To know that one is walking in the steps of old and young Tom Morris and you are kicking up the same sod that they did is heart warming. Each hole strikes a memory that each golfer has imagined themselves playing and no round at St. Andrews would be complete with out some form of inclement weather.

The United States Open Championship is known for its tough golf course layout, regardless of the name of the course. However, every golfer has Pebble Beach on their bucket list and as a patron, being a member of the gallery would be a dream come true. The ocean line holes are breath taking and would be a major distraction to the actual golf play. Watching players strike their balls over large hills and swells and over large spans of water and surf will make any golf patron marvel at the uncanny skill required of the professional golfers to excel at their game and in particular in a major.

These three tournaments are my three best that any golfer would love to play but also are tournaments that any patron of the game, whether they are a golfer or not, would appreciate watching. Even with high definition television today, walking these course in person during an active tournament would be a memorable life experience.