Teams to Watch in 2015 Women’s World Cup

Womens World CupFor anyone who is into women’s World Cup action or who just like soccer and women’s world cup betting in general, it is always a good idea to know which teams are the favorites. The rankings for the top teams in the world are based off of’s website as it shows which teams have performed the best throughout international play. There are some times that are happy to just be included in the World Cup, there are other teams that are going to be other teams who are there to win it all. This is a list of the top 5 teams to compete for a Word Cup championship.

The top 2 spots are extremely close, but Germany has remained as the top favorite to win the Women’s World Cup. However, Germany is just slightly above the United States, as these two teams are well above the other teams in the field in terms of those who are playing the best currently going into the competition. Now, it is important to consider that Team USA is playing Hope Solo, the goalie who has been charged with domestic violence yet did not have any real suspension against her (at a time when professional sporting teams in the US had been coming down hard on male counterparts, with the National Football League suspending several players for the entire year). Despite the legal troubles, Solo is going to be playing and she anchors a very strong United States team. For those who are looking at online soccer bets, the United States appears to be a team out to prove something, especially aft its second place finish during the previous World Cup, so it is a good idea to keep this into consideration for all women’s World Cup betting.

The third place team according to the FIFA ratings is France. France has long been a women’s World Cup powerhouse, as is the fourth place team Japan. Japanese women’s teams have long performed well in international competition, so it is important to not bet against them. This is a team that could go far and online looking to place online soccer bets needs to keep this in mind.

Speeding rounds out the top five, although it just barely pushed past the sixth place team England by a total of 7 points in the ranking system (2008 to 2001). It is possible that these two teams switch by the time the Women’s World Cup starts, although few other teams are likely to really do anything else.

Rounding out the top 10 are teams that should be kept an eye on and might be worth an upset here or there but are likely not going to make it that far. Brazil is the seven spot in the rankings with Canada and Korea DPR bother tied right behind them, although Korean DPR is trending downward, so this team is likely going to start out as the ninth placed team in the world. The 10 spot goes to Australia as this team is usually a tough out and may be an alright bet to win a game, depending on who they are playing against.

The vast majority of top teams who are ranked in the top 10 are based out of Europe, with the other continents receiving minimal representation.