Team GB Said to Have Best Prep Camp Ever, Says England

Olympics fans making their wagers through betting apps on Great Britain have extra inspiration to do so. According to Mark England, the Chef de Mission for Team GB, the 366 athletes making up the Olympics squad have engaged in the best preparation camp that the country has ever orchestrated. England adds that the country is more than ready to deliver when the 2016 Rio Games finally get underway.

Team GB will start its Olympic run in the sport of archery just a matter of hours after the Games have started, with British athletes Patrick Huston and Naomi Folkard leading the way.

The team’s preparation camp took place at a cutting-edge facility that was established just north of Rio de Janeiro, in the town of Belo Horizonte. In fact, the same facility is so advanced that it was used by many of the athletes as they prepare for the final days leading up to the Games. The athletes for Team GB are now headed to Olympic Village to settle in and get ready for the opening ceremony, and Chef de Mission England is completely confident the team is ready to make an impact.

Betting apps are sure to reflect the value of Team GB’s prominence leading up to the event. England says that the sports “are arriving from the preparation camp, …and it was absolutely fantastic. He adds that the noise they are getting is incredible, and it is surrounding every sport they had up at the camp, making it the best training ever put on by the nation.

According to England, the welcome the athletes received when arriving in Olympic Village and the work done to make it all happen was nothing short of first-class treatment, further stating that the athletes from Team GB are in Rio to make history.

The facility in Belo Horizonte was host to many different sports that Team GB will be competing in, with some of the most notable categories being swimming, boxing, judo, and archery. Training for weightlifting and table tennis also took place at this particular camp.

England holds a strong belief that the electric atmosphere created at the camp in Belo Horizonte will be able to carry over into Olympic Village and the Games themselves as the athletes finally get their opportunity to compete.

A newly-added sport, rugby sevens, will mix things up in the online betting apps and sportsbooks as Team GB has integrated the sport into their training facility in addition to everything else. According to England, the camp was the most populated the country has ever had in terms of the amount of activity happening at once.

Mark England expressed his excitement about the move from the facility to Olympic Village, stating that it is great for the athletes who are experiencing something new. He adds that though every village has challenges of its own, it is always a special place for Team GB and all of the athletes involved.