Stanley Cup Finals Updates and Predictions

Stanley CupThe Stanley Cup Finals are here, and that means Stanley Cup betting has returned. Game three of the Stanley Cup Finals is here, and the Blackhawks look to take home field advantage. If one is in the process of Stanley Cup betting, where does the betting man go?

Statistics would point to the Blackhawks, and here is why. The Blackhawks have simply been the best team at home during the playoffs, with a seven and one record. The United Center has some of the best fans in the league, and the Lightning will continue to have trouble against the Blackhawks, and their excited fans.

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The Blackhawks have an impressive defense, but the their goalie position has been somewhat questionable. Ben Bishop has been replaced at times by goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy, who was then replaced with Ben Bishop.

The Lightning, still have a solid chance of turning things around. With the series currently tied, it truly is anyone’s game. Tampa Bay team captain Steven Stamkos, has been very quiet, and hasn’t had the impact fans expect. Expect Stamkos to turn things around in the next few games, which should make things interesting.

The Stanley Cup playoffs overall have not gained the attention like the NBA finals have. Hardcore hockey fans continue to tune in, but casual fans have not supported like that have in the past. What the NHL needs is more targeted advertising to casual fans. Sports such as boxing have made an effort to gather fans outside of the mega pay per view events, and hockey could, and should take a similar approach.

The Stanley Cup playoffs may simply need a great rivalry, one that can be promoted as must see TV. The NHL also needs to attract younger viewers, those that may not be aware just how awesome the game of hockey is.

When you head to a game you expect to see some level of excitement. There is nothing quite like playoff hockey, something the casual sports fan may not be aware of. Hockey features fast paced action, intense shots that have the crowd on edge, and action packed fights.

The fighting in hockey is unlike any other sport. Professional boxers would have a tough time matching fighting skills while trying to stay balanced on the ice. Mixed martial artists would experience trouble with the bare knuckles hockey players come to the table with. Can one imagine Floyd Mayweather trying to dance around his opponent on skates, all while trying to score a goal? The pound for pound boxer may be able to run around the ring, but it would be hard to imagine the champ dancing around while on skates. Hockey is a brutal, and awesome sport. Those that have not experienced playoff hockey should take time to tune into the games. Betting on the games may be tricky, but with a little research, and a little knowledge, you will find yourself not only betting, but also making a smarter bet.

Take time to watch a game, get to know the players, and you may find yourself on the end of a winning bet. Have fun, and hockey!