Stan James

Stan James has been in business for over a decade and has used that time to refine the services that they currently offer to their registered customers. During that long period of time, they have been extremely successful and have managed to become a major leader among the many different online casinos and online sports betting websites. This is a company that has made their name with the sports betting side of their business.

They have led the sports betting industry in several ways. Their biggest claim to fame was the Betting In-Running. This is something that has been adopted by many other successful online sports betting websites although it may be known by various different names. But Stan James has managed to stay at the top of their field in regards to sports betting and the betting in-running service. This high quality of service has lead to some of the most unique and intriguing games and promotions that can be found at any online casino or online sports betting website.

What is Betting In-Running?

Betting in-running is a term that is used by the Stan James company that may go by several other names on different websites but was originally coined by this company. This term refers to the process in which the various traders are able to update any bets while the different games are in process. This allow for more enjoyment of the sport as well as the betting process when bets can be changed and altered as it becomes appropriate. There are very few companies that have managed to refine this method as well as Stan James has managed to do.

Enjoying Sports Betting with Stan James

Sports betting has become even more varied and entertaining thanks to the existence of the online sports betting community. The different sports and activities that can be bet on are as varied as those who are doing the betting. This has helped keep people’s interest in the activity as fresh as it was when they first began sports betting. No matter what you enjoy as a pastime or what your level of experience is with the sports betting world, there is something here for everyone.

There are many sports and activities that would be expected of a company such as Stan James to bet on. These include football, horse racing, tennis and many other common sports. But there are some activities and sports included within the betting on Stan James that are unexpected. These include darts, greyhounds, politics, snooker and several others.

Having such a vast selection available makes the activity of sports betting something that can be much more enjoyable. Whatever activity you are passionate about is sure to be represented among the selections available at Stan James. This company also takes things a step further with how the ensure that anyone can enjoy the betting, no matter what experience they have had. To make sure that you are adequately helped, Stan James has associates available constantly to take phone calls and help you successfully place your bets.

Keeping Things Fun with Promotions

Enjoying the sports betting is only part of the fun that comes with playing with Stan James. This major company has many different promotions running all the time to help make sure your experience is a fun one. The promotions range from some very basic promotions to the more complicated and interesting promotions.

Currently, there are some very nice promotions being run. For any new players, there is a deposit match up to 100 pounds. So whatever you put in up to that amount is matched to help enhance your fun and increase your chances of winning. And for those with new accounts, you can even gain five free spins to use on a slot machine. And there is even a promotion that will get you a free bet for those who have just registered with Stan James.
There are also plenty of promotions available to those who are already registered with Stan James and already enjoy the games that they have played. They have their own version of Happy Hour that occurs on a regular basis. And by watching their promotion page, you can be one of the first to enjoy special deals on sports betting or any of their other games that you enjoy playing on a regular basis.

Enjoying Sports Betting with Amazing Security and Protection

Truly enjoying yourself requires faith in the online sports betting company that you have chosen to do business with. That is why it is so fortunate that Stan James takes the security of all of its customers so seriously. The steps and security measures that Stan James takes is some of the most serious that you can find among online sports betting companies.

Stan James uses some of the most secure technology available to help protect any of your information that they use to help you enjoy sports betting at its finest. The security they employ is called Secure Socket Layer or SSL Technology. This technology is used to protect any and all web pages that contain any of your personal and payment card details. All of this information is encrypted so that only those employed by Stan James can retrieve this information.

Taking Care with Your Payment Method

When it comes to using any online sports betting website or online casino, it is very important that you understand how both the deposits and withdrawals work. By understanding this aspect of the website, you can protect yourself and also avoid any unpleasant misunderstandings that may otherwise occur.

For either deposits or withdrawals, there are several different payment methods that are available to you. There are the expected credit and debit cards that any online sports betting website would be expected to use. But there are also several alternate methods of payment that many people prefer to use for their own comfort and peace of mind. Some of these alternate methods of payment include PayPal, Skrill, bank transfers and a few other methods of payment.

When you are looking for the right company to turn to when wanting to become involved with sports betting, Stan James is one of the best companies to turn to. This is a company that is at the top of their field when compared with the competition that offers similar services and opportunities to their customers.

Whether you are just beginning with sports betting or you have had experience in this particular area, you will definitely find something to suit your tastes with this company. They offer betting on many different sports and activities. These include some of your traditional sports and also has expanded to include some more unique areas to help keep your involvement with this company interesting.

Just as important as the fun activities with the sports betting is the safety and security of your personal and financial information. Stan James has taken this very seriously and currently uses some of the most impressive technology to encrypt and protect your information. There are very few companies that you can feel this secure with while still enjoying superior sports betting and fun promotions.