Sports Interaction

Founded in 1997, Sports Interaction is one of Canada’s first online sportsbooks. They have all the favorites, including US thoroughbred racing. Their 15 plus years of experience has made them one of top online sportsbooks.  Their first class services give one the confidence of trust and security needed in an online betting world. Also, the 24 hours a day 7 days a week customer service is top notch. A representative is always there to help. The transaction process of depositing and withdrawing is also fast and easy. With Proprietary as their software, it is no wonder why everything runs so smoothly on this website.

Georges St. Pier joined Sports Interaction’s team as their brand ambassador in September of 2015. He was picked because just like Sports Interaction he is dedicated and at the top of his field. As a Mixed Martial Arts fighter he has won 25 out of his 27 fights. He won three Ultimate Fighting Welterweight Championships. To show his dedication to his art even more, he is an accomplished black belt in both Kyokushi Karate and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Its nice to know he has a more relaxed side to his soul that he has shown in his many acting endeavors on television and in blockbusters. No matter what he does, he is sure to impress, just like Sports Interaction.

Bonuses are just one of the many ways Sports Interaction shows their appreciation for their customers. They always have a great new member bonus of up to 100% to help one get started off right when placing their first bet. This bonus creates confidence and encourages its customers to try out new fields. Their friend referral bonus is also a great way to get the online gaming ball rolling. It is so much more exhilarating when there are more people betting. It’s always important to keep up to and take advantage of the current bonuses being offered.

There is so much that can be expected from this incredible online sportsbook. With over 50% of online gambling being done mobile, it’s no wonder Sports Interaction put so much effort into their mobile betting platform. Now customers never have to worry about missing out on a winning bet because they were late getting home. Everything available on a computer browser is available on the mobile site as well. You don’t even have to download an app, just type in the address and it takes you straight there. The website itself is so easy to navigate. Also, the mobile interface is definitely the top of its class. The redesign that was made specifically for a smart phone makes it easier to keep up to date on all the current bets. With their sleek design and amazing graphics, anyone would be entertained just by clicking through the options.

With such a large wagering selection, the options are almost unlimited. One of the most popular includes in play betting. Wagering on current games adds another level of intensity and insight that really gets one’s heart racing. Sports Interaction also has the option of buying and selling points among customers. Trying out the round robins is encouraged for those who want to spice it up. To make it all more interactive they have a customer chat room. Having such a wide variety of ways to use an account keeps customers on their toes and always entertained. Sports Interaction is sure to exceed all expectations of online gamblers new and experienced.

When one first logs on to an entire list of sports appears on the left hand side. This list includes everything from football to hockey to tennis. Even categories like motor racing and Olympic sports are there. There is surely to be something for everyone. Then in the top center there is a list of the most popular bets going on in that moment. You can get in on the biggest games with just a click of a button. Right below the popular bets are some of the top live bets going down. One can pick from the ones on that list or click over to the live betting tab at the top of the page for an even bigger selection. On the bottom center of the main page are last minute bets. Making sure everyone gets a chance to throw down before the bet closes.

Aside from the typical physical sports, so many other options are offered. For one, there is an entire category of esports. This includes many of the favorites like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and League of Legends. All of these online games have professional teams that compete just like the leagues of the physical sports. The betting is very similar too. One can place a bet based on a point spread, money spread, or point totals. It is important to keep up to date on these games and their team members. Unlike the more traditional sports, these online games can change quickly. New virtual champions or players are added all the time. Following the game’s development is a great advantage to anyone placing bets. This will give them the best odds at making a successful gamble.

The specials category gives some other rather interesting options. If politics are more of interest to an individual than sports, they can keep up to date and bet on ongoing political races

Another helpful tool on the site is their Sports Interaction Blog. Customers can read through dozens and dozens of news articles about what is going on in the world of sports. By staying up to date on the most relevant information, anyone can become a pro gambler. Reading through the most up to date stats can increase their chances of winning substantially. The blog is also a great way to pass the time if one is waiting for the results of a bet they made.

Sports Interaction is licensed under Kahnawake Gaming Commission. They recently passed an audit conducted by Gaming Associates. The audit was a four day inspection in which all staff participated. The information technology department and data security both passed. This is just one more reason for customers to trust Sports Interaction. The full report was published to the Financial Post. The article included details about the other departments too including: financing, operations, and risk management.

Trustworthy, secure, and high class are just a few ways to describe this experienced company. With George St. Pier as their brand ambassador the company is sure to continue growing. The many bonuses offered is just one way for Sports Interaction to show they care about their customers. As well as with their outstanding affiliate program showing they are willing to go above and beyond to give everyone a slice of the pie. Everyone’s expectations are sure to be met with such a wide variety of options given. The proper licensing and security features are one last way to prove they want all to have a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

It is clear that Sports Interaction is a well-established company. The incredible management of Cliff, Hawi, and Phil bring out the best in the online gambling world. Their dedication manifests itself in every aspect of Sports Interaction’s website and online sportsbook experience for every customer ready to let the games begin.