Somehow, The Broncos Got Into The Playoffs

Brock Osweiler has managed to keep playing and keep winning while Peyton Manning sits on the bench. The most recent win for the Broncos over the Bengals changed the AFC playoff race completely. The Broncos has secured a playoff spot, the Bengals can no longer take the number one seed, and the Steelers have had a door closed to entering the playoffs. This is the time to get your football bets ready for the postseason. This article shows how the AFC playoff picture is shaping up with a series of unprecedented wins, tiebreakers and losses.

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The Broncos Keep Winning For No Reason

There is no reason for Brock Osweiler to be as good as he is, but he has been sitting behind Peyton Manning. His trip to the starting role in Denver has forced the Broncos to stop talking about the quarterback situation. They have clinched a spot, and Peyton may or may not come back.

The Colts Are Still Alive

The Texans have the AFC South locked up almost completely, but there is a very small chance that the Colts could win the division if there is a crazy end to the season in Week 17. The Colts have very little chance of winning the AFC South, but the possibility is there. There are many people who are saying that the Texans have made the playoffs, but they have not made the playoffs yet.

No Quarterbacks In Indy

There are no more quarterbacks left in Indianapolis, and the team may have to start Stephen Morris at QB to end the season. The Colts have very little chance of making the playoffs, and their chances are going to be that much smaller as the QB situation is even worse than it is in Denver.

Help For The Steelers

The Steelers need to win their final game, and they must hope that the Jets lose to the Bills. The Steelers have had the same kind of up and down season the Colts have had, and the Steelers will need a little help because the Broncos are already in. The AFC North has been the strongest division in football for years, but the division this year is not as good as it once was.

The AFC playoff picture is coming together, and people who are looking for drama in the final week of the season will find it when the games are finished. The dust will not settle until the final game has been played.