Soccer Scandal Evidence Submitted to US by Switzerland

FIFA has been under fire recently for allegations of bribery pertaining to US and South American TV advertising and various media arrangements. New evidence from Swiss banks submitted to the US division of the soccer governing body claims to indicate many FIFA officials in illegal behaviors pertaining to assigning South American cities with the World Cup. These new findings will be an important part of the investigation and potential trial against those indicted of these illegal behaviors.

No names were announced as being associated with the bank documents, but it is only a matter of time before those names come to light. Presumably some of those charged in the May arrests in Zurich, Switzerland of top FIFA officials will be among those bank accounts presented by the Swiss banks.

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Investigations are also underway in ascertaining whether the impending World Cups in Russia and Qatar were dispensed under corrupt methods as well. Whether this will have an effect on where those games will in fact be held cannot be determined at this time. Undoubtedly there will be an upset wherever it is decided that these World Cups will be held.

With the US finding almost 200 million dollars in bribes pertaining to advertising deals, it is safe to say that this will also effect soccer betting on an international scale. When corruption comes from the top, those below feel less comfortable investing their funds into a system that they feel will betray them. How can anyone trust the very entity that establishes these games, if there is no limit to the corruption that can be executed?

As it stands now, no one trusts these FIFA officials. US authorities have frozen over 80 million dollars in liquid assets over 13 different bank accounts. Millions of dollars of fines have already been levied, and that figure is sure to climb in the next few months, as the investigation and hearings get fully underway. The president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, has already been suspended for 8 years from any soccer-related industries or business ventures. Others to be indicted will probably have to face similar fines and dispensations of justice.